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Bouche Media: the most collaborative video editing company London has
to offer

Welcome to Bouche Media. We are an innovative and independent video production studio, based in London.

Since launching in 2012, we’ve become specialists in creative corporate videos, and have earned a strong track record among the finance, tech, property and professional services industries.

We are experts in scripting, planning and producing branded videos, using live action, animation and motion graphics. Whatever your corporate video needs, we can meet them.

What do the experts at Bouche Media offer?

Our customers include highly-respected companies in the corporate sector and everything we do at Bouche Media is shaped by our three values:


We are constantly absorbing new ideas to bring a fresh approach to the business and our clients.


Our video production agency is agile and responsive, providing a friendly, honest service to build rewarding long-lasting relationships.


We’re always learning: from attending training courses to participating in industry and cultural events.

Charles Stewart-Smith, director of Teneo Blue Rubicon said: “It’s been a real joy to work with Nick Coombes. With his quiet and unflappable professionalism, he provides sound advice and delivers high quality video content. We are very pleased with the results.”

Not your average video production company

We may be a small, independent video production company based in London but we bring a limitless supply of fresh ideas and ambitious thinking to the corporate video world.

We strive to stand out from the predictable and generic crowd by reimagining corporate promotional videos, animation films, and theory films.

Our small team also thrives on injecting plenty of creativity and innovation into all our video production projects, whether they’re produced for start-ups or global brands.

Live action video production services

Bouche Media was built on a live action foundation. We know more than most production companies in London that there is untold value in this sort of corporate video content.

Live action is a crucial marketing tool for promoting a company’s brand; whether that’s providing a platform for thought leadership or showcasing products or services for new customers.

Our skilled team can take a bold approach and bring a range of creative ideas to the table, turning traditional ‘talking head’ live-action interviews into high quality productions.

We can deploy a range of post-production techniques for each particular project, from aerial filming to motion graphics, creating video content that will send your social media stats soaring.

Animated films

Companies like Disney and Pixar have taken animated films and turned them into works of art, entertaining audiences around the world.

Bouche Animation from Bouche on Vimeo.

That digital revolution has also allowed video production companies, including the team at Bouche Media, to use animation as a powerful business marketing tool in a whole new and innovative way.

We used animation to explain how and why Charlie Gilkes, Co-Founder of Inception Group, created London’s first speakeasy. Our team also helped the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee dish up some fascinating facts about caffeine.

Explainer videos

Who doesn’t love a snappy explainer video? They’re an easily digestible way to get across anything from your company’s latest passion project to unveiling a new business strategy.

As an established video production company, we’re experts in creating explainers using live action, animation, motion graphics or a combination of the three.

They can cover:

  • new product launches
  • service demonstrations
  • strategic or vision dissemination
  • stakeholder communication

Our team will ensure your promotional videos focus on and capture the key message behind your branded content. They will help generate informative, educational and engaging content that customers love.


It’s always a thrill when a senior member of a global brand sits down with our video production agency for one of our corporate videos, or a new hire shares their experience of working with their new employer.

It’s a chance to capture some genuine wisdom and insights in promotional videos and the end results always result in happy clients.

In the hands of our expert team, we guarantee at least two cameras will be deployed during each interview.

It means if there’s a pause or there’s a stumble in an answer, our editing services have enough extra footage to cover it. They can also use various cuts to create a professional and sharp finished product for social channels.

Event videos

One of the fastest-growing markets for video production are event videos. They can include:

  • kick off films
  • session and speaker content in full
  • attendee vox-pops and testimonials
  • wrap and montages
  • promotional trailers

As an experienced video production company, we understand the art behind this particular form of marketing.

This style could involve everything from international conferences and prestigious award ceremonies to round-table events, and they’re great for social media videos.

Our team can help with every aspect of event video production, from planning to filming logistics.

We can generate buzz and anticipation with teasers and promos to set the mood and build excitement, as well as interviewing key participants.

We can also plan your next promotional video campaign, or training videos aimed at a new generation of employees, so you always hit the ground running.

Hannah Scarborough, Business Development Manager, BDO Consumer Markets said: “Bouche always delivers a great result for us, and as well as generating innovative ideas or content, are responsive, happy to go the extra mile and great.”

Video strategy support

Most businesses understand the power of their brand, but when it comes to video content, it’s worth going a bit deeper.

It can be tempting to give a brief the green light and consider the job done when the finished video is published, either on a website or on social media.

While that’s okay for some production companies, we’re a lot more invested in your theory videos, animated videos or product videos.

We know that brand videos have become a crucial marketing tool, so we’ll help you assess the strategy behind the content both pre and post production.

Going beyond other video production companies
That means, before a frame of your video has been filmed, we will:

  • ensure you understand the value and worth of your live action or animated content
  • plan and design brand videos that will cut through to your audience
  • explain how to recycle and prolong your content’s shelf-life
  • ensure you have everything required to keep your stakeholders happy

After we’ve wrapped on your corporate video production, our video production team will then make sure:

  • you distribute your content effectively
  • understand the data generated by your company videos
  • you know that your content is working as hard as it should around the world

That’s just the start. Our video strategy services will help you get the most out of your video content.

Workshops to maximise your video content

They include an in-depth review of your existing content to identify what’s working and potential areas of opportunity, and finding out how your videos fare against competitors.

We even hold an hour-long workshop to help you shape and determine your video production strategy and digital marketing.

Our video production company will ensure you maximise every explainer video, get the most out of aerial filming and lend a hand with idea development.

How we can help create great video content

Our team will always try to push a client’s brief to achieve amazing things. That doesn’t mean we won’t listen to our clients’ opinions or recognise when to keep things simple.

Unlike other production companies, our London-based team is not tied to a particular way of working when it comes to brand films.

It gives us the flexibility to scale up and down, applying just the right expertise for any promotional video project, whether you’re looking to create solo event films or a series of online videos.

Why choose Bouche Media for your corporate videos?

We’re a small, independent, video production company based in London, and every member of our team is passionate about what we do.

Quality is at the very heart of every creative video production we work on, from storyboarding and video proposals to animation and editing services.

Whether you want our company to help with explainer videos or interviews, we make sure our expertise results in a perfect final product and happy clients.

Innovation and understanding

We love bringing innovation to every project. There’s nothing quite as rewarding as producing video content that’s a little bit different from other top video production companies.

In our hands, the video message we produce will be engaging, your people will sound great and your event will look amazing.

Heather Trevenna, Director of Marketing Operations at Quadrotech, said: “Bouche Media really understood the brief and created concepts that exactly captured the message and tone we wanted to communicate. We were delighted with the final product and the impact it has had on our marketing.”

From pre-production to the finished product

One of the best side effects our video production company enjoys is the myriad opportunities that spring from our initial collaboration.

It’s always great when clients recognise the potential of our production company to create something special, potentially moving beyond social media videos to TV commercials.

You are safe in the knowledge that our expert team will offer guidance at every stage of the video production process and help your company stand head and shoulders above their competition.

Contact us

As one of the top video production companies in London, we can create the perfect promotional and social media videos, as well as help plan your next marketing campaign or training videos.

Call us on 0203 637 3597, email or fill in this contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.