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Our event services include:

• Kick off films
• Session & speaker content in full
• Attendee vox-pops & testimonials
• Wrap & montages
• Promotional trailers

What is an event film?

Events can range from a round table meeting in the office to an international conference or prestigious awards ceremony. Events and conferences are a staple part of the business calendar and we relish bringing something different to the films we make about them. Successful event coverage is a bit of an art in its own right and needs some experience hands from the planning stage through to the logistics of filming, especially if you want on site editing for publishing daily content.

Event videos are traditionally two minute montages that show you how busy it was and what a great time everyone’s had but there’s so much more content that can be made for and from events. Teasers and promos can help generate buzz ahead of the event, kick-off mood films can launch the programme and location interviews (either quick opinion pieces or even thought leadership content) can make use of having lots of key staff or industry figures available on the same day in one place.

There’s so much marketing and communication potential around events and as they become more popular for bringing people together in our increasingly digital workplace we want clients to recognise the opportunities they present. At Bouche we’re asked not only to cover them as they happen but also to create promo films attracting people to the next one. Here the look can be more aspirational with less focus on audiences in conference halls and more emphasis on the themes and issues the event is tackling.

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