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We use Animation for:

• Animated character explainers
• App and software demos
• Enhancing film footage
• Communicating data
• Social Media messaging
• Corporate brand identities
• Brand & logo animation
• Series designs

What is animation and motion graphics?

In a nutshell: animation tells a story using moving pictures (2D or 3D), motion graphics communicates information/data and is often an overlay on top of film or animation. They use many of the same skills and software but animation usually applies to content like explainers all the way through to animated films, whereas motion graphics can be used for visualising data or  animating a logo or text for a brand film.

This is the fastest growing area of video production at Bouche. The explosion of social media means formats like traditional 2D character explainer videos through to five-second clips of animated text and Gifs are now a part of the marketing mix.

Animation and motion graphics are an incredibly versatile way to engage your audience. Because you might be creating content from scratch it’s a great way to reach diverse audiences across different demographics, backgrounds and geographies, free from the limitations of filming real people and situations. It’s also a great way to create a dynamic identity for your brand.

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