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We use Animation for:

• Animated character explainers
• App and software demos
• Enhancing film footage
• Communicating data
• Social Media messaging
• Corporate brand identities
• Brand & logo animation
• Series designs

Animated explainer videos

Did you know 80% of visitors to a website will watch a video, compared to the 20% who will read a document?

Animation and motion graphics are our fastest-growing area of video production, thanks in part to social media. It has breathed new life into everything from 2D character explainer videos to five-second clips of animated text and Gifs.

As experts in explainer video production, we’re perfectly placed to tell your brand story, help overcome your business challenges and engage your audience across the world.

What is an animated explainer video?

Often found on a website’s landing page, explainers are short-form videos, created in an engaging way, and explaining to customers all about your brand, product or service.

They can be live-action or animated. We create amazing explainer videos that can spotlight a particular aspect of your business, launch a new product or service, or help boost business growth.

Animated explainer videos can be colourful and fun, or down-to-earth and factual. The choice is entirely down to you and the message you want to get across.

Why are animated explainer videos good for business?

An animated explainer video is a cost-effective way to market your business and brand’s key message, whether you’re bootstrapping your way to success or are a global behemoth.

As well as boosting conversion rates – some companies claim they rose by as much as 144% after posting a video animation on their site – explainer videos have lots of other benefits.

Here are just a few:

  • enhance your SEO search rankings: video is among 70% of the top 100 search listings
  • double the length of time viewers stay on your page
  • video created is easy to share on social channels, such as Facebook or YouTube
  • good value for money: use them for an investor pitch, email signature and more

What can explainer videos be used for?

There are a myriad of ways our animated explainer videos can bolster your brand after you upload them to your website or post them to social media.

They’re great for informing an audience, selling a product or idea, or giving your key performance indicators a boost.

Some of our most awesome explainer videos cover app and software demos. Others are all about enhancing film footage or communicating data. These short-form ads can also be used for:

  • company introductions
  • customer stories
  • ESG
  • event films
  • financial services
  • ‘how to’ videos
  • new product launch
  • property showcases
  • reimaginers
  • something different
  • talking heads
  • through leadership

We have a wide range of explainer video examples that we can share with you, covering multiple sectors. Below, our explanation of the Dodd Frank Act.

Explainer videos are also a superb method of social media messaging. Want to expand your brand identity on YouTube or Facebook? Create an animated video, post it on your busiest platforms and watch those KPIs soar.

How to create effective animated explainer videos

In the excitement of creating video marketing content that will explain a particular topic, whether you opt for live action videos or animated content, it can be easy to overlook some fundamentals.

We will make sure all your explainer videos include the following key elements:

Give your explainer video a purpose

Most businesses looking to use an awesome explainer video are aiming to fulfil one or more specific goals.

We never lose sight of the objective behind your explainer video, whether it’s increasing subscribers, sales or conversions, launching a new product or asking for information or details.

Make the video tell a story

The best explainer videos address a particular issue through a character or scenario. We understand how crucial it is that viewers and customers relate to and engage with them in every video created.

A perfect example is this animated explainer for Philip Morris, created to explain the illicit tobacco trade.

Another great example among our animations is this video made for BNP Paribas, explaining their green credentials.

We’ll produce an animated explainer video that takes your audience on an entertaining or informative journey with a fulfilling resolution at the end.

Remember the call to action

A really good explainer video will prompt viewers to take action after watching, whether that’s signing up for a newsletter, clicking a link or making a purchase.

Our videos not only explain a subject, they can help move them closer to making a sale, so you can chalk it up as a success, leaving you free to start work on the next video explainer script.

How to make an awesome animated explainer video

There are several techniques to create an amazing animated explainer video. Here are our top three digital marketing video styles:

Video animation

We’ve created awesome explainer videos using either 2D or 3D animation for a range of customers that have carried myriad messages.

They are so popular because there’s almost no limit to the creative possibilities and, in the hands of our talented video creators, your content could even go viral.

We’ll help your animated explainer videos stand out from the crowd, while also keeping your target audience at the core of the short videos: ensuring they engage with potential customers and get social media buzzing.

Motion graphics

They can be used for visualising data or animating a logo or text for a brand film but also as an overlay on film footage. Motion graphics use many of the same skills and software as 2D and 3D creations.

Reach a wide range of users

Animation, motion graphics and whiteboard promotional videos are incredibly versatile ways to engage an audience and create a dynamic identity for your brand.

Because of their universal appeal, explainer videos are brilliant at reaching diverse audiences across different demographics, backgrounds and geographies across the world.

Animation explainers are also very versatile: you can create imaginary worlds, people, creatures and more. So it’s ideal for handling sensitive subjects, such as HR that may involve different demographics and communities.

What you should know about producing animation and motion graphic videos

The planning and design stages (for example storyboarding) can be longer than with live action, but it’s important to get this stage right.

Once the designs and storyboards have been signed off, there shouldn’t be any surprises in the reviewing stage. Any changes after the video is made could be time consuming and costly.

Versatile and a growing appetite

Animation and motion graphics are among the most exciting areas of video production because of their versatility.

Add into the mix the explosion of social media and the growing influence of gaming and it’s easy to see why there’s a growing appetite for them.

They are also a great ‘remote’ format. They don’t rely as heavily on in-person filming, aligning with the remote and work from home trends. They’re a reliable and versatile choice

Benefits of using a professional animated video production agency

In this digital age, it can be tempting to whip out a smartphone and film your own explainer videos to post on your website for free.

For some, that can be totally on-brand but it doesn’t work for everyone. Wobbly camerawork, dodgy graphics and muffled sound quality can combine to become a missed opportunity to showcase your brand.

We can take your live action or animation video concept and bring it to life with the highest quality technology.

It is backed by an effective explainer video script and professional voiceover service, as well as music that’s relevant to or matches your explainer video.

Choose us for your next explainer video

We bring our deep expertise in animated video creation to the table for every company project, backed by our range of other professional production services.

Our team will create relevant content with a compelling story that will engage not only a viewer’s attention, it will make your users feel smart for having watched your videos.

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