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What is an interview film?

An interview, or ‘talking heads’ film is the most commonly thought of type of corporate film. We have a strong background of producing these and they do form a large proportion of our video production briefs.

The interesting bit for us is how to make your interview film stand out from all the others, thinking about what effects, motion graphics, set and approach to take to keep viewers watching.

We often get asked why multiple cameras are necessary. We nearly always use two, if not three, cameras for filming people speaking and interviews. Having two cameras gives you two angles to cut from the in edit, so whenever you want to cut something you can switch to the other angle. Not only can this give the impression of better delivery by the speaker or cut out coughs or stumbles, but it also means you can shape what they are saying and the use of two angles can also keep the viewer engaged, rather than one static shot. The options provided by two cameras are especially important if you don’t have any other shots to use (eg footage of the subject matter) to cover up edits. You’ll notice this difference if someone has been filmed from angle on a smartphone for instance.

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We film interviews for:

  • Thought leadership
  • CEO address
  • Employee engagement
  • Award speeches
  • Mini series
  • Testimonials


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