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We make a lot of the following films using live action:

  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Educating and messaging
  • ‘About Us’ films
  • Showcasing locations
  • Thought leadership
  • Events & Conferences
  • Recruitment and promotion

What is live action video production?

Live action means video shot with cameras, this can be planned and scripted footage or spontaneous action capture. This could be used for anything from thought leadership interviews, to showing off a new building, to actors in a staff training film.

At Bouche most of our live action video production projects involve filming interviews or people responding to questions (sometimes called talking heads) about a topic or product. It’s a great way to promote thought leadership and showcase the talent in your company.

Live action footage can be enhanced and embellished in post production, and often adding motion graphics can help tell you story and give your message more impact.

It’s important to include subtitles on any speaking or voice-over audio, this not only ensures it’s fully accessible but also watching-online friendly, when most viewers have the sound off, especially on social platforms. Subtitles are also a great chance to be creative and make your video stand out.

Bouche was built on live action interview filming, and our founder Nick worked in business news TV for ten years, so it’s one of our strengths.

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