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Video Production London

We are a London video production agency specialising in scripting, planning and producing live-action, animation and motion graphics for corporate brands and agencies. 

Because we’re an independent production company, flexibility is baked in, which means we can scale up or down as each project demands. 

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to your latest product, want to show off your new company building, or are eager to get your thought leadership out there, Bouche Media can help at every stage of the production process. 

One of London’s standout video production companies

We know there’s plenty of competition for production out there. Video production agencies across London and the UK are producing hours of quality commercial video content. 

Yet sometimes it feels as though viewers are being fed the same diet of sales and marketing videos, over and over again.

That’s why, at Bouche Media, we always try to find an original approach.

That desire to go further, to do more has made us one of London’s top video production companies. We’re recognised for three key ingredients: 

Creativity in filming

We love how much more video content there is out there nowadays – but this means we need to be even more on top of our game when filming and creating fresh content. 

Our team always strives to produce video content that’s a little bit different. We love helping clients see the variety of innovative opportunities that come from filming corporate video. 

For example, check out this production for Virgin, an animation explaining a new customer loyalty programme. 

A quality production

Our video production company may be small by London standards and independent but we’re sticklers for getting every filming project absolutely right. 

And, we’re consistently praised by clients for the quality of our video production.

That’s why so many come back to us for their video production, again and again. 

We’re regular collaborators with RX EVENTS, and showcased the Mapic retail property show in this punchy video. 

Professionalism, always 

We’ve always been unashamed film geeks: equally passionate about camera equipment and indie movies. 

We think of ourselves as friendly, honest people who genuinely love what we do.

Our London video team has collaborated with many top corporations and understands the need to be helpful, smart and discreet where necessary. 

We think we struck just the right tone in this production for HSBC UK, warning of the many kinds of fraud. 

An innovative video production agency 

Our in-house team takes all that creativity and passion and pours it into high-quality films for national and global brands. 

No matter which direction you want to take your content strategy, when it comes to video production, we can do the same for you. 

Let’s explore the different types of branded content and promotional videos our production team have already created. 

Live-action video productions 

Bouche Media Founder and Executive Producer Nick Coombes worked in business news TV for a decade, so interviews and live-action video is part of our DNA.

There’s a vast range of uses for live-action marketing video content. With corporate clients, they often involve thought leadership interviews or staff training videos but a promotional video is a great way to showcase a new site or product. 

A great example is this video production for MYO/LANDSEC, featuring a customer testimonial for a coworking office space.

Our Creative Directors take care of all aspects of live-action video production and filming, including post-production enhancements such as voice-overs or subtitling. 

We will ensure your professional video content is not only engaging and creative, but it’s also accessible to the widest possible audience, across the UK and the world. 

Animated video content

As with live-action video production, there are innumerable uses for animation films. Our production team creates animated videos for:

  • Character explainers
  • Social media messaging
  • Corporate brand identities
  • Enhancing film footage
  • Communicating data
  • App and software demos
  • Brand and logo animation
  • Series designs

Thanks partly to the meteoric rise of social media platforms, animation and motion graphics are our fastest-growing areas of video production and filming. 

Check out this animated explainer video production for commercial law firm HFW, explaining a little-known legal doctrine.

Video interviews 

At Bouche Media, we use interviews to create an engaging video production that offers real insights into corporations, helping to enhance and maximise their brand messaging. 

Also known as ‘talking heads’ video content, this type of content sometimes includes filmed interactions with corporate figures or employees discussing new products and services, or talking about their working life. 

They often include personal stories, and because of that, they are a powerful and creative video production tool for building trust and brand awareness. 

A great example is the video we produced for HSBC UK, aimed at helping parents understand more about online gaming.

Creating an impact, quickly

What may surprise you is how many successful video ads last for just a few minutes, yet can still go on to achieve amazing things. 

Nick Coombes admits he loves short-form video production. 

“While working on a big flagship video is great,” he says, “I like the challenge of having to get a message across really quickly. The constraints of social content can result in some really creative ideas.”

Our team knows a short film produced and posted to a website or social media can act like a laser: it can focus on a single aspect of a brand. 

This sort of video production can spotlight a new product or service launch, or raise awareness of a company or project by starting a conversation online. 

Check out this film for BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE. It showcases a new residential development in under two minutes. 

It’s an incredibly punchy and powerful form of promotional video. 

Creating a quality video production

Whether you’re looking for animated content or a series of videos in which several of your corporation’s happy clients tell their story: our video production company can handle it all. 

Our years of video production experience mean we’re able to tell powerful stories while dealing with the complexities of filming in major cities such as central London and meet a client’s tight deadlines

That’s because from the very first meeting and at every stage of the video production and filming process, we’ll make sure that the purpose of your marketing videos – as well as their position within your wider content strategy – is 100% clear. Our team can help you plan everything as part of your video production project.

The world of guerilla filming or ‘winging it’ on a project might sound good on paper but it can be the last thing a professional production process needs. 

Our commitment to offering a quality service includes ensuring every video we create, from interviews to animations, has high production values. 

The final result will be a live-action or animation video production you’ll be proud to put your brand name to. 

Our video strategy services

For us, the pre-production process actually begins before the brief for your online videos has been written. That’s because we offer services that focus on a client’s strategy before and after the video production. 

The advantages of thinking beyond the brief before we produce any video include: 

  • understanding the value and worth of your video content
  • planning a video that will cut through to your audience
  • recycling assets and prolonging your content’s shelf life

When your video content is complete, what then? We will ensure: 

  • your video project is distributed effectively
  • you understand the data your videos are generating
  • your content works as hard as it should 

Our video strategy service also includes a review of how your video content ideas stack up against your competition. 

We’ll identify fresh film approaches, new, creative angles and different directions to engage your target audience and make your company stand out to prospective clients. 

Is your video content a creative and effective part of your wider company marketing strategy? 

We can help pinpoint channel and timeline priorities, frequency recommendations and measure the success of your animation or live-action video campaigns. 

There are lots of UK start-ups and new firms keen to produce video content. Many of them are bursting with ideas for films about their brand, but not sure where to start with the creative process. 

How does having a 60-minute workshop with a leading video production company sound? Our in-house service includes: 

  • the role of video in your company’s creative campaigns
  • using your video budget efficiently and effectively

Why choose us as your London video production company?

It’s an excellent question. To answer it, we’re going to showcase some of the feedback from clients who have used our creative video production services. 

Charles Stewart-Smith, director of Teneo Blue Rubicon, said: “It’s been a real joy to work with Nick. With his quiet and unflappable professionalism, he provides sound advice and delivers high-quality video content. We are very pleased with the results.”

Solene Genton, at MIPIM, Reed Midem’s marketing and communication director, told us: “The video is a great success. Your team genuinely grasped the spirit of what we had in mind! It’s so different to normal exhibition videos.”

Hannah Scarborough, business development manager at BDO Consumer Markets said: “Bouche always delivers a great result for us, and as well as generating innovative ideas or content, are responsive, happy to go the extra mile and great – I would highly recommend Nick and the team.”

Heather Trevenna, Quadrotech’s Director of Marketing Operations said: “Bouche really understood the brief and created concepts that exactly captured the message and tone we wanted to communicate. We were delighted with the final product and the impact it has had on our marketing.”

What Bouche Media will do for you 

As a leading video production company, we’re perfectly positioned to create an array of animation films and live-action video content for corporate and other clients. 

Our full-service covers pre-production, from ensuring your films will target your ideal audience, maximising the platforms where they are shown. 

We will bring all our experience and passion for innovation to bear on every creative project, whether it’s an animation explainer, a customer testimonial or a thought leader dispensing their wisdom. 

We guarantee every video production will have high production values, with subtitles to cater for hard-of-hearing or foreign-language audiences.

Our films will have an impact, effectively carrying your brand values and message to the world. You’ll be proud to put your company name to it, and want to work with our expert team on the next generation of campaigns. 

Contact us and let’s get creative

Are you ready to create your next video production with us? 

Call us on 0203 637 3597, email or use this contact form and we’ll get back to you straight away.