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August 2018

What video format/style is best to get my communications message across?

Case studies with HSBC, MarketAxess and Dolfin Investment Management

Taking inspiration from across the financial services sector, here are three pieces of video content that use different formats and styles to get their message across…


MarketAxess – Open Trading from Bouche on Vimeo.

Client: MarketAxess
Format: Live action overlaid with motion graphics
Purpose: Engaging clients and prospects through quality content

Talking heads are a great way to introduce your key staff and demonstrate thought-leadership – and they can be enhanced by adding in motion graphics. Also, the increasing amount of data in finance means there are countless ways to use imagery and  illustrations to produce more engaging content.

For e-Trading platform providers MarketAxess we filmed some of their senior leaders, and illustrated the key data with overlaid graphics. This created a dynamic series of soundbites that felt grounded in the world of technology.


Dolfin investment update: July 2018 from Dolfin on Vimeo.

Client: Dolfin
Format: Live action interview
Purpose: Providing in-depth investment outlooks in a digestible format

Interviews have three clear benefits for thought leadership:

1. They can give natural, flowing conversations for the viewer that are easier for the participants than talking to camera.
2. They showcase the personalities involved.
3. The topics can be covered in more depth than individual talking heads, and the longer format gives more immersion into the client’s expertise and brand.

This example for Investment Management firm Dolfin is filmed monthly and ready for publication within two days. It’s hosted on the client’s website and promoted across social media channels to extend reach using 20-30 second clips and still images.


Client: HSBC
Format: Animation explainer video
Purpose: Simplify complex information in an engaging manner

Because it’s such a versatile format, we created a 2D animation to explain the mortgage application procedure for HSBC’s consumer market in the UK.

Understanding financial products and procedures can be bewildering. So, creating a video set in everyday domestic scenarios helps the viewer relate to the issues and requirements in a way that is not tied to particular demographics, ethnicities or backgrounds.

We scripted and designed the film to provide an accessible illustration of the process and combined it with a carefully selected voice-over. The result was a clear, reassuring guide for customers visiting in-branch across the UK.

Written by: Nick Coombes, Founder and Executive Producer

If you’d like any advice on how to produce a piece of content to meet your current communications objectives simply email or give our client team a call on 0203 6373597.


photo of nick at bouche video production company based in london

We like bringing new ideas to the corporate world. We love clients who are prepared to try something different – because there have to be compelling reasons to keep watching for any messaging to be effectively communicated.

Nick Coombes, Founder and Executive Producer