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October 2018

What’s this about?

Bouche Media and our guest speaker, Kwai Chi, an influential media optimisation specialist gave breakfast talk and shared best practice tips on how to better plan, deliver and optimise your video content.

This event was for B2B marketers – wherever you are in the spectrum of video production. Whether you’ve never produced any or you’re a video veteran you’ll be left with useful insights you can take back to your business straight away.

Who’s Presenting?

Bouche’s Founder and Director, Nick Coombes lent his perspective on using strategic planning for video projects so content can be targeted to different points of the customer journey. He also be talked about making content that can be repurposed to maximise longevity and get more value from budgets.

Kwai Chi is Director of Media, Optimisation and Video at the Social Partners agency, where he is responsible for commissioning, producing video and advising clients on how and where to use it. With a personal following of 100K + across his social channels, Kwai has developed an enviable reputation in online marketing. From talking about travel on YouTube to indulging his foodie passion on Instagram, he’s an expert on using content across different channels to create audience engagement. He’s also a top 5 in the Digital Marketing Show Power 100 awards.

Kwai was our guest speaker for this talk, and he shared his expertise in consumer marketing to inspire the world of B2B.

Breakfast Talk Agenda

1. Strategic planning of video:
– Building content that works across different points of the customer journey
– Repurposing content to maximise longevity and get more value from your budget

2. Better storytelling to create impact:
– A personal perspective on social media success
– Taking inspiration from trends in consumer marketing to create more impact in B2B

3. Showing your boss the potential ROI:
– How to use the multi-layered content you’ve created to inject reach into your campaign
– Analytics and how they can be used effectively
– Emerging technologies B2B marketers can use in video marketing

Why it wasn’t to be missed

70% of B2B buyers watch videos along their path to purchase — a 52% jump in just two years.*

If you’re not already capitalising on this trend, come and find out why you should be. If you are, find out how you could be doing it even better. Now that video is no longer prohibitively expensive to produce, it’s time to realise the benefits of taking a more strategic approach to delivering multi-layered content.

We’ll be giving social media a focus for this talk. In light of LinkedIn joining the party last year by launching its native video uploading app, B2B marketers are realising the benefits of adapting visual content across social channels.

We’ll also be talking about applying a consumer marketing lens to the B2B world as a recent Google/Millward Brown Digital study reports that nearly half of B2B researchers are Millennials — a 70% jump from 2012.

So to follow the behaviours of Millennial decision-makers you might start considering Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Snapchat as possible channels for video engagement. We’ll be talking about how you can do this.


photo of nick at bouche video production company based in london

We like bringing new ideas to the corporate world. We love clients who are prepared to try something different – because there have to be compelling reasons to keep watching for any messaging to be effectively communicated.

Nick Coombes, Founder and Executive Producer