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Is your video bringing tangible results?

Get more from your content with our video strategy support.


For many corporates, video is made without thinking much beyond the brief, and uploading the signed-off finished video is seen as the successful conclusion. 

But video is now such a crucial channel it’s worth looking at the strategy behind what you’re doing, before and after it’s produced. 

We offer strategic reviews and planning to help you get the most from your videos and maximise your results.

Your video content can bring you both short term and long-term success. Let’s work together to get the most out of your videos!

What are the benefits?


Before you create your content: 

  • Understand the value and worth of your video content (ROI & ROE).
  • Plan and design video that will cut through to your audience.
  • Learn how to recycle assets and prolong the ‘shelf-life’ of your content. 
  • Have all the tools and knowledge you need to keep your stakeholders happy (lead on evidence and practical advice). 


After you create your content

  • Ensure you distribute your content effectively
  • Understand the data your videos are creating
  • Ensure effective success tracking. Know your content is working as hard as it should be.

Choose from our 4 video strategy services




Full video content audit

An in-depth review of your existing content, what you’re doing well and identifying areas of opportunity. 

  • A comprehensive audit of your video content, from Youtube playlists to your website and social channels.
  • Recommendations and practical steps to move forward (based on your current capacity and budget) including quick wins and long-term recommendations.


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Competitor content review and positioning

How do your videos fare against the competition? It might look great but is it cutting through amongst the deluge of video content your audience is exposed to?

  • We’ll appraise your main competitors and identify how your content can stand out.
  • We explore the styles, formats and distribution that will set your content apart.
  • We will ensure your brand is translating well to video.
  • Will help you understand what you do well vs. what you could do better.


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Video strategy support and planning

Before you write a brief, it’s worth looking ahead to consider how video can support your wider marketing and communications strategy.

We offer a comprehensive report covering: 

  • Campaign planning: including channel and timeline priorities, frequency recommendations & suggested messaging
  • Where video can help your activities most effectively.
  • ROI for your assets e.g. creating versatile social assets from existing content.
  • Measuring success: objective and benchmark-setting & progress reports.


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60-minute workshop!

Not sure where to start?

Sign up to a 60-minute video strategy workshop.

Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? We’re here to help. Before creating your brilliant content, you need to consider how your video content gives you both return on investment AND effort. We will host a 60 min strategic workshop to coach and guide you through the following…

  • The role your video plays in your campaigns/strategy. 
  • How to use video as part of your marketing strategy.
  • How to use your video budget efficiently and effectively.

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