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Bouche client stories: HSBC UK – Explaining the risks of online gaming

What was the scope?

The education and schools outreach team at HSBC UK asked us to create two films highlighting the issues around online gaming. One explaining the many risks around safety, identity and spending for under 18’s and the other for parents to understand more about gaming itself.

What we made

Working with the client we decided that creating a video game-style approach would be a fun and interesting way to communicate the issues to children without coming across as too ‘preachy.’ By creating a look and feel like some of the games children play, we could not only create a narrative character to explain the messaging but we could illustrate the issues with lots of scope for realistic looking images and animations. The design process finally created a contemporary, brand-appropriate character called Kai who led the viewer through the risks and rewards of gaming.



For the parents we wanted a way to explain the issues their children might face that was relatable and without too much gaming jargon. We shot a parental figure in family setting, and combined her narrative with soundbites from interviews with child behaviour experts (taken from video calls). Footage of all three contributors was augmented with graphics in a video game setting.



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