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What part can video play in your content marketing strategy?

Every brand, from the smartest solo entrepreneur to the biggest global corporation, needs a marketing strategy to effectively sell their products or services to the widest audience. 

Creating quality video content has become a key pillar of everyone’s marketing approach, with 87% of video marketers admitting it gives them a positive ROI, according to a Wyzowl survey

In addition, 86% agreed video was an effective lead generation tool, while 81% said video marketing improved their company’s bottom line. 

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The figures are impressive and underscore why 99% of brands that already deploy video as part of their content marketing strategy have said they will use it more

So what sort of video content should you be investing in? How can you guarantee anyone will see it, and what can the experts at Bouche Media do for you? 

This blog will answer all those questions and more. Ready? Let’s dive in.  

What is video marketing?

Video marketing, alongside an eBook, or a blog post or an infographic, is a great way to engage and inform potential customers about a brand, product or service. 

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It has fast become one of the most important and successful methods of carrying or imparting a brand’s message to a wider audience. This is largely thanks to the meteoric rise of social media. 

Pick your platform: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube are among the major sites where marketing videos have helped to generate leads, as well as educate, inform, inspire and entertain audiences.

In short, they are among the most flexible and powerful marketing tools a brand can deploy. How do we know this? Because we’re specialists in corporate video production. 

The advantages of a video marketing strategy

Despite the inherent value of video to a brand’s marketing strategy and its ability to directly connect with consumers, not every company uses them to their full potential. 

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That may come as a surprise, considering audiences spend an average of 19 hours per week watching video content online. But the startling facts and figures about video don’t end there. 

  • Adding videos to your email content can boost click rates up to 300%
  • Social video generates 1,200% more shares than a combination of text and images
  • Three-quarters of business executives watch work-related videos every week
  • Almost 60% of senior executives prefer to watch a video over reading text 

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Clearly, there are lots of benefits to be gained from implementing video as part of a brand’s overall marketing strategy. 

Let’s look at some of the most important: 

Social Media channels just can’t get enough 

There is no end to the appetite for video content across the major Social Media channels: great news for brands from start-ups to major corporations.  

Just about every genre finds an audience: live videos, customer testimonial videos, explainer videos…you get the idea. But the success of short videos on these platforms goes beyond finding a receptive initial audience. 

Video content marketing is made to be shared. While every brand and marketer hopes to score a viral hit, most high quality video content will still draw lots of visitors to a brand’s landing pages and potentially generating leads. 

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It’s also worth remembering that 60% of viewers will engage with a video post over a text post, and 92% of people watching videos on their mobile will share that content with others. If you want to start a conversation on social media, branded video is a strong way to go. 

Video content is tech flexible 

It may sound odd, but the debate about whether video content should be filmed horizontally, as laid down by TV shows and films (think back to the cinematic delights of PanaVision and CinemaScope) or vertically, as per every smartphone, was raging as late as 2020. 

Luckily, technology has finally sorted that problem out for everyone, thanks to responsive web design. Many brands now automatically create their web pages so they can be read on a smartphone or tablet, as well as a computer screen. 

We now know that any video content posted to our YouTube channel can be enjoyed in exactly the same way as someone watching on their smartphone while commuting to work, or when they’re at their desk. There’s no more annoying cut-off footage or fiddling around with how you hold your phone. 

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This also means companies can engage with the 48% of millennials who only view video marketing on their mobiles, without deterring audiences who consume their video marketing content via tablet or computer. 

Video marketing amplifies your brand message 

Video content is part of the inbound marketing trend, which has skyrocketed in recent years. 

Instead of brands approaching potential consumers, either by cold-calling or with spammy emails, they’re using video content to reverse that process and draw audiences to them, their product or service. 

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Influencers or corporate figures can give a company a human face or reinforce their ethics, helping build trust among audiences and instill brand loyalty. 

Firms producing the right kind of content at the right time and for the right audience will see that brand message amplified across social media. 

We’ll explore how brands get all these elements right a little later, but for now, keep in mind that a significant part of this success is the implementation of an effective video marketing strategy. 

Video content can boost your website SEO

Think of search engine optimisation, more commonly known as SEO, and what comes to mind? 

Blogs, landing pages or eBooks are probably among your top answers. Text is seen as the major driver in how search engines rank sites but video can play a key role in your website SEO marketing strategy

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From seeding your video script with brand keywords to regularly scheduled original content for your website and Social Media channels, high quality video content can help boost your rankings. 

There are lots of statistics that prove this. The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video, according to research by Mist Media. While 80% of marketers said video boosted their website dwell time. 

If that’s not enough to persuade you to invest in video, try this. Forrester research suggested brands with an effective video content marketing strategy improved their chances of being ranked on page one of a Google search by a factor of over 50. 

Merely having a video on your website makes it more attractive to users. 

Video is recyclable

Sustainability is a topic everyone is talking about these days, but it doesn’t just apply to upcycled furniture or free-range eggs. Video can be recycled too, which is great news for companies looking to enhance their green credentials. 

As well as keeping costs and energy use down, the wide range of platforms where corporate videos can be published means it’s not an one-post-and-it’s-done deal. 

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That customer testimonial that did so well on your YouTube channel? Create short, smart cuts of the best comments or soundbites and pepper your social media sites with them to start a conversation. We can support you with creation of video snippets – whether that be from a video we create or a video you’ve previously had produced. 

A company webinar featuring guest speakers that was initially posted internally can be edited into several episodes and published for all the world to enjoy. 

Not only is it perfect for introducing your brand or a new product to Linkedin users, if your guests were high-profile, it could significantly boost traffic on Instagram. 

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An event video can be repackaged as part of an end-of-season or year montage showcasing a series of company highlights, giving your brand profile a great spotlight.

When it comes to repurposing video content, the possibilities are almost endless – all you need is a little imagination or support from us.     

One form of video marketing won’t rule them all 

As we said earlier, internet users around the world are almost constantly consuming vast amounts of brand videos across multiple channels. The great news is the majority of that audience isn’t particularly choosy. 

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Figures from Statista demonstrate that almost 93% of people globally are happy to watch any kind of content, which is music to the ears of brands looking to get creative. 

Other figures show around 30% of respondents were searching for how-to or educational videos, while almost 28% sought product review videos, and over a quarter consumed influencer videos. 

That broad appetite for content among video viewers provides golden opportunities for companies and brands to push boundaries with their overall content marketing strategy. 

As long as you make high quality videos, you’re likely to find an audience somewhere in the online world. 

How to create your video content marketing strategy

Every business needs a video marketing strategy to define who they are advertising to, why, when and where. It’s exactly the same with any type of video content marketing. 

While there’s something to be said for grabbing a smartphone, filming something off the cuff and posting it across Social Media, it doesn’t work for everyone or all the time. 

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Instead, smart brands that come to video production experts like us, make a lot of decisions before setting up, shooting or editing any footage for their video marketing projects. 

Let’s explore why and how they do that in more detail. 

Give your video content marketing strategy clear goals

Every video marketing campaign should begin with a question, and it’s arguably the most important one of all: “what do I want this video to do?”

The answer could be one or more of the following: drive sales, increase awareness about your brand, product or service, provide an insight into your company, or boost customer retention. 

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Whatever the end goal, your video marketing strategy should work towards it. The choices you make from this point on will go a long way to ensuring that happens. 

Identify and locate your target audience 

The key to any successful video marketing is knowing exactly who a brand is talking to. It’s not always immediately obvious, which is why many firms take their time and do their homework to identify their ideal customer. 

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When it comes to video marketing, brands need to take the same approach. Knowing their target audience makes it easier to create content that will interest and engage them. Try to answer the following questions: 

  • Who is my product for?
  • Is there a need for it?
  • How can I market to my target audience?

One good way to determine your target audience is to create one or more buyer personas, a thumbnail sketch of someone who represents part of your chosen market. 

Focus on different ages, genders or occupations for each persona, then have them front of mind when developing marketing strategies for creating video content. 

Use that data to determine not only who they are, but where they are most likely to consume your video content. 

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Is an older audience likely to hop onto TikTok during office hours to watch a professional video? Likewise, would you expect millennial consumers to flock to Linkedin for even the most entertaining slice of video marketing? 

Knowing who you’re seeking to engage, where they are most likely to congregate online and at what time will ensure your compelling video content is seen by the right people at the right time. 

Create a video marketing content calendar

Never underestimate the amount of planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes of even the shortest of short-form videos. 

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Putting in place a timeline covering every aspect of your video content publishing schedule will not only ensure everyone’s on the same page at the same time, it will also save money and maximise resources. For example, a six-month plan should include:  

  • Video budget 
  • Content creation deadlines
  • Publishing dates
  • Promotion schedules
  • Review dates

 As well as helping keep track of important events or notable trends, a video content calendar can help with the smooth management and relevance of your video campaign. 

Choose the type of video marketing you’re making 

After establishing the pathway for your video content creation, it’s time to look again at that first question: “what do I want this video to do?”. 

The answer depends on which section of the marketing funnel your target audience falls into.  

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To raise awareness, your video marketing teams should look to make brand films, explainer videos, educational videos or inspirational videos. 

For those in the consideration section of the marketing funnel, focus on email videos, company culture or product videos and case studies. 

Finally, audiences in the decision stage should be targeted with personalised videos, instructional videos, FAQs and testimonial videos. 

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We can help create professional videos at any stage in the marketing funnel, that will fulfill your content marketing goals, engage audiences and boost your brand. 

Write the script 

Whichever form of video content you choose to create, by and large, they all need a script. 

It’s true that ad libbing during live videos can sometimes be really great for spontaneous Social Media content. However, there’s often a fine line between going viral and online video that could damage your brand’s reputation. 

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Writing down the idea or overarching theme for your video content means it will be relevant to your target audience, achieve your stated goal within a set budget and timeframe. 

There are no hard and fast rules for writing a video marketing script but there are three golden rules that many video marketers stick to. 

1. Keep it simple

A smart video production company like ours can pack a lot into short-form video marketing. But when it comes to the script, it pays to stay focused. 

Make your script too dense and your message gets lost or – even worse – you run out of time to say what you need to say. 

If you don’t write enough dialogue, you risk missing an opportunity to speak directly to your audience.  

2. Use short words and sentences

Never was the phrase “make it snappy” more apt than when creating short-form video. 

To get your brand message across and make it stick, keep your phrases and sentences short, to the point and as simply structured as possible. 

That way, you’re less likely to bore or turn off your target audience.   

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3 Don’t make it too long or too short

The duration of your video content can be a $64,000 question. We recommend not too long so your target audience gets bored, your message is muddled and your costs spiral. 

Too short and your video content risks looking low-quality and could leave viewers confused or disappointed. Potentially not great for your brand reputation. 

content marketing strategy

Talk to us. We can help create the perfect-length script so your audience is engaged, entertained and informed, and your brand message remains impactful. 

Create a storyboard 

You may think a 30-second online video for social channels doesn’t need that much planning. If you’re a start-up creating the first videos for your content marketing strategy, then we recommend you think carefully about your narrative.

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Whether you want to create a short explainer animation or produce an in-depth insight into your business, a storyboard creates a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap for everyone involved.

Storyboarding makes sure your video content marketing covers everything necessary to get your overall message across. It also helps work out technical shots or identify any potential problems, avoiding any costly delays. 

You can opt for a text storyboard or a series of thumbnail drawings, but whichever you choose it will help organise your video ensuring you stay on message, on brand and on budget. 

Find the best platform(s) to distribute your video

We’ll look at the actual filming of your video content later, but for the moment, let’s focus on where you want to publish your finished content. 

There are many distribution channels available to brands and companies these days. From a website landing page to the array of social media sites, where a brand posts their online video should be determined by their video content marketing strategy. 

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Every platform has their own, intrinsic audience. Doing your research right at the start of your video marketing campaigns to determine who you’re talking to will shape your content strategy and identify which of the different platforms to target. 

It may seem obvious, but keep in mind that posting to every platform might not maximise internet traffic. Depending on how much you invest in your video content, it could even negatively impact your ROI. 

Here are a few suggestions to match up video marketing types with appropriate distribution platforms: 

  • Video hosting/streaming sites – YouTube, Vimeo, Wisita
  • Social Media –  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat
  • Emails – newsletters, cold emails, marketing automation
  • Blog posts and landing pages – explainer video, use video content to optimise website SEO 
  • Company websites – demo video on product page, employer branding video on careers page

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How will you measure your video marketing success?

The final key component of a video content marketing strategy is determining how each video will be tracked and measured. We can help with this, but more on that a little later. 

For start-ups, this can be a bit of a minefield, so let’s walk through the most important things to consider. As always, start with the goal you want to achieve with your video content marketing and build from there. 

Don’t be fooled by view counts 

Numbers can mean a lot when determining whether a video content marketing strategy has been successful or not. 

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However, just as all that glitters isn’t gold, big view count figures on Social Media don’t necessarily mean viral videos. For example, your video ad could generate hundreds of thousands of views but very few sales. 

That’s because the audience watching videos on those Social Media posts weren’t in the right part of your marketing funnel. In plain English: they just weren’t your target audience. 

In contrast, an online video that picks up views in the low hundreds yet half of which are converted to sales, would be considered a success. 

Fundamentally, establishing a broad reach with your video content can be useful but don’t put views alone at the core of your content marketing strategy.  

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Check your play rate

This informative metric tell you what percentage of landing page or social channel visitors clicked play on your marketing video. A play rate can also demonstrate how relevant your content is to the network audience.

A low play rate could be down to a bad match between the content and the platform, it lacks appeal or it doesn’t have subtitles. Luckily, there are relatively quick fixes for these issues. 

  • Reexamine your thumbnail and replace it with something more engaging and eye-catching
  • Add subtitles to make it more inclusive (with recent reports saying subtitles are a preference with younger viewers). 
  • Ensure there’s a clear and attractive call to action

content marketing strategy

If these measures don’t boost the play rate, then it’s worth moving the video to another page or platform. 

How engaging is your video content marketing?

If you want to know how effective your video ads are, then engagement is the most important metric to follow. 

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As well as giving you a percentage of how much of your YouTube videos were watched by a single viewer, average engagement figures will also indicate how long all the viewers stayed to watch. 

Similar to a web page dwell time, engagement rates provide a good insight into how interesting a marketing video has been. 

But it can also provide more granular data, including identifying whether visitors watched until the end, were more engaged at particular points or lost interest at around the same time. 

Companies struggling to get the length of their content marketing videos right can use engagement metrics to find the sweet spot for their target audience. 

Share and share alike

According to Oberlo, there are almost 4.6 billion people, around 57.5% of the global population, using Social Media in 2022. That figure is expected to rise to over 5.8 billion by 2027.

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Obviously the video content marketing opportunities for business from such a massive marketplace are vast. They were amplified during the pandemic-related lockdowns, so much so that now almost every business puts video content at the centre of their Social Media marketing strategy. 

It’s all down to the unique way of sharing information that Social Media offers. Nothing else is as immediate or impactful on a local, national and international level. 

As experts in video content production, we see your customers everywhere: people are glued to their mobile devices, endlessly scrolling through content and many watch video on a daily basis. 

We can help you create professional videos that will stop your audience in their tracks and prompt them to share and repost across different Social Media platforms. 

This content marketing chain reaction can help increase your brand visibility and – potentially – your target audience. 

Who took action? 

The click through rate (CTR) enables businesses to establish how many viewers took action after watching their video content. 

content marketing strategy

The CTR metric is a good indicator of how compelling your video content is and how effective your calls to action (CTAs) are. A good video content marketing strategy will ensure there are CTAs at regular intervals during your video ad, especially at the end. 

Your CTA, combined with an effectively delivered message in your video, should combine to drive viewers to specific pages or take particular actions, such as filling in a form. 

The CTR tells you how many people did this. A high number suggests you’ve created a successful video marketing strategy. 

Where will your video content marketing lead? 

This key metric measures the next stage of the sales journey: how many leads or customers were generated by your video content marketing.

The conversion could be clicking on a link, signing up for a subscription or buying a product or service. It’s a good way to determine the effectiveness of your CTA, too. 

content marketing strategy

If your video doesn’t contain enough CTAs or they’re unclear and the viewer doesn’t understand what they are being asked to do, your conversion rate could reflect this. 

Listen to your viewers 

The customer may not always be right but their feedback is a crucial way of measuring your video content marketing strategy. 

Social Media platforms are an excellent way to communicate directly with existing and potential customers and get their thoughts.

While positive feedback is always welcome, not all videos please everyone, so it’s vital to pay attention to comments about your video strategy that may not be positive.

content marketing strategy

For example, ignoring requests to add subtitles to an explainer video because of additional costs will do more than potentially alienate the deaf community. 

That lack of inclusivity could see your business unable to access a significant portion of the disabled population’s £274 billion spending power. 

Whatever your brand goals or video content marketing objectives, companies that value and act on their customers’ comments and feedback find it easier to build loyalty and trust. 

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A video type for all businesses

We’ve already touched on the different types of videos that companies can create as part of the decision-making process. 

Now we’re going to explore these genres in more depth and reveal how they can enhance your content marketing strategy.  

How-to video content marketing 

Not to be confused with explainer videos, which we’ll cover next, how-to videos provide advice and guidance about using products and services. 

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How-to videos are among the most popular videos on the internet, particularly for audiences looking to use B2B or Software-as-a-Service tools.

These step-by-step instructional videos are also great for B2C brands looking to increase the visibility of particular products. 

Two great examples of how-to videos created by our team are for banking firm HSBC. The first is a four-stage guide for customers looking to make payments using their online banking accounts. 

The graphics reflect exactly what the customer would see online, particular sections are clearly highlighted and movements are slow. They enable anyone not familiar with the internet to keep up with the instructions as they come. 

The voice-over is clear and friendly without being patronising, while easy-on-the-ears music plays in the background. The message is delivered in less than two minutes. 

The second video is slightly shorter, and focuses on mobile banking, again using the graphics that would be shown in the real app. 

The voice-over instructions are simple and delivered in easy-to-understand language, matching the actions taking place in the video. 

Explainer videos 

This type of video content is a great way to introduce your brand to a customer. Wyzowl’s survey reveals 96% of people watch explainer videos to learn more about a product, while an impressive 88% buy something afterwards. 

Businesses using explainer videos as part of their content marketing strategy have a wide range of creative possibilities at their fingertips. 

They can choose between live-action digital marketing or animated videos to highlight a particular issue – and that’s just the start. 

A great example of an animated explainer is our video for Philip Morris, shedding light on the fight against illegal tobacco. 

The colours are eye-catching but not cartoonish, reflecting the seriousness of the issue being explored. The graphics change often enough to hold the target audience’s attention, without being overwhelming. 

They also help to reinforce facts given by the voice over, bringing the viewers’ attention to key, important points without being over-the-top. Finally, the call to action at the end of the video prompts viewers to visit a specific web address. 

In contrast, this marketing video for HFW blends live-action footage with punchy, colourful graphics to introduce a new service for a commercial law firm. 

The hot orange is used for the graphics to catch the viewers’ eye, while high quality footage of locations from around the world brings a cinematic feel to a video that runs for just 92 seconds. 

The voice-over is calm and professional, while a gentle piano soundtrack reiterates the reassuring message to customers. 

Customer testimonials 

No one will ever be as honest with you as your customers, both those you delight and those you don’t. 

There are few better ways to cement loyalty among them, particularly on Social Media, than by giving them a video platform all their own. 

Check out this short but sweet video for MYO. It puts the customer firmly centre stage, while the voice over is devoted entirely to what they have to say. 

She’s smiling and happy, reflecting the positive tone of her testimonial, while images from the offices she’s discussing pepper the video, underpinning what she’s saying. 

A final, elegant graphics card provides the punchy call to action for a brand message delivered in less than 50 seconds. 

The customer testimonial for neustar has a very different feel. A ‘talking head’ interview with the founder of Dianomi, filmed in black and white, features different angles, alongside graphics in neustar’s brand colour. 

The graphics reiterate the facts the interviewee offers, reinforcing their importance to the viewer. The video has a 1.28 run time, enabling the story of the relationship between Dianomi and neustar to be told without losing the viewers’ interest. 

It ends with a magnetic five-second image of the neustar brand name, backed by a white screen.  

Customer testimonials are not just a way to sing a company’s praises, they are highly effective ways to build or increase loyalty for your brand, product or service

Because the comments come directly from your target audience, this form of video content can be very persuasive on Social Media.

Talking head video content

Customer testimonials aren’t the only form of content marketing that puts an interview at its centre. 

From an employee onboarding video to demonstrations of thought leadership, video helps open doors into companies or organisations. 

content marketing strategy

Firms looking to expand their talent pool can use this sort of video content marketing as part of their company marketing strategies to give potential employees a look at life behind their doors. 

They are also useful for executives who want to offer their insights in a particular field, or introduce a new service or product. 

A perfect example of the latter is our digital marketing video for Tellworth, introducing their UK Select Fund. The video features the Co-Founder and a Fund Manager, who discuss several key details about the product. 

Their comments are supported by graphics which distill and reiterate important things to know about the Select Fund, while a pleasant soundtrack fades in and out of pieces to camera, providing aural cues to complement the visual changes. 

The video’s relatively long run time of 3.30 allows a great deal of information to be given to the target audience. That data is more likely to be trusted among viewers as it is being imparted by company members.

Our team loves to innovate, so when we worked with Charlie Gilkes, co-founder of Inception Group, we decided to forgo the traditional talking head approach as a company introduction, and use animation instead. 

The result breathes new life into this kind of video and reflects the quirky nature of the company. It also minimises costs, because instead of filming exterior shots or using actors to recreate events, black-and-white drawings bring Inception Group’s colourful story to life. 

Videos that inform and inspire

Video content marketing doesn’t just speak directly to your audience in a way a blog post can’t. It also has a powerful ability to educate, inform and inspire existing and future customers. That’s why so many companies put huge efforts into their video content marketing strategy. 

Take this uplifting video for Oatly we created to showcase their stand at the London Coffee festival. The ad starts and is shot through with the brand’s tongue-in-cheek humour. 

The sharply edited footage is packed with people enjoying coffee made with Oatly’s milk product and having a great time at the company’s coffee stand. 

No voice-over is needed, because their delighted faces tell the story. A rhythmic soundtrack accompanies the ad, which signs off with the milk and company slogan on a coffee cup in the same frame. 

Our video for HSBC’s campaign to raise awareness about the various forms of financial fraud couldn’t be more different. A pounding soundtrack, quick cuts of live-action footage and bright red graphics – nature’s warning colour – combine to effectively grab the viewers’ attention and hold it. 

The message is underscored with a calm, yet authoritative voice over, and subtitles ensure vulnerable communities are also included. 

Not every video is created for adults or businesses. This digital marketing video targeted children and young people to help them understand the risks surrounding online gaming. 

Computer-generated character Kai aims to appeal to gamers and talks directly at, rather than down to, the audience. 

It begins with a warning about spending too much pocket money, before offering advice on how to avoid being targeted by criminals, and the dangers of chatting to strangers outside the app. 

The video offers simple lists of what to do in language that younger people can understand, pressing home the seriousness of its message without scaremongering or being patronising.       

Live video 

Not every business owner feels comfortable in front of the camera. That’s why they come to us for animated explainers about their products or a branded video about their latest service.  

But there’s much to be said for speaking to your customers or ideal audience via the medium of live video. As a digital marketing tool, it can be hugely effective for several reasons

First, live streaming and webinars are a great way to connect directly with clients. Second, they allow companies to demonstrate thought leadership, or explore a previously unknown facet of their business. 

Third, they are the gift that keeps on giving. Recordings of a live video can be edited into shorter snippets and posted to various marketing channels, boosting your brand profile, SEO and potential sales, long after the event has ended. 

Many businesses believe that live video can be tricky and subject to hiccups. But, many film companies (including us) know how to manage this format for success. 

It’s fair to say a large percentage of viral videos spring from things going wrong, so try to have a back-up plan for every eventuality. Here are a few tips to ensure things go as smoothly as possible:

  • check all your equipment to minimise the risk of technical problems
  • make sure your live video is filmed somewhere calm and quiet 
  • boost your internet connection as much as possible before the live video
  • clearly outline what the live video will be about so viewers know what to expect

Now, let’s take a look at how you can create a video version of your webinar or live event and make it a useful part of your video content marketing strategy.   

Maximising your video content marketing

So, let’s recap: you’re a medium-sized business looking to enhance your brand among new staff with an onboarding video.

You have established the video’s goal and audience and decided on an animated talking head format. It will be posted on your company website and social media as part of your video content marketing strategy, and engagement will be among the metrics measured.  

content marketing strategy

Time to start filming, right? Not quite. Remember we said we would talk about the “actual filming of your video content later”? That time is now. 

There are many ways to ensure your video marketing content is as effective as possible and will enhance your brand. Let’s run through some of them. 

Quality counts in content marketing

In 1999 ‘found footage’ horror film The Blair Witch Project caused a sensation. It divided people into roughly two camps: those who loved the wobbly camera work and those who didn’t. 

For the latter group, the story was hampered at best, ruined at worst, by what they saw as poor quality filming. (FYI: Blair Witch went on to become one of the world’s most successful indie films, grossing $250 million worldwide.)

We’re not suggesting all corporate video content has to have Hollywood-level production values, but there are some fundamentals to keep in mind. 

content marketing strategy

Digital technology and 4K video have set a high bar when it comes to quality for video content marketing. Unless brands are deliberately aiming for a retro feel, it’s wise to remember that audiences will not tolerate low-quality videos

Blurry or out-of-focus footage, poor sound or badly synched film will not do your video content marketing strategy any favours. Using quality editing software makes it easier to create professional videos as it ensures cuts are sharp and precise. 

Also, make sure that your video content marketing will work on all formats, from mobile to desktop. There’s nothing worse than investing in a great ad that just won’t work on a smartphone. 

content marketing strategy

Budgeting for your video content marketing strategy

Speaking of investments, no matter how simple or elaborate the story you want to tell, if the budget won’t stretch to cover it, the quality of your video will suffer. 

Investing in a video content marketing strategy can yield impressive ROIs, so it’s worth taking the time to accurately calculate exactly how much your video marketing will cost. 

If you’re planning to create live-action video content, factor in extras such as outdoor equipment or actors, as well as editing software or voice-over artists. 

content marketing strategy

These outlays can multiply fast if you don’t pay careful attention. We can help bring in projects on deadline and on budget.  

Let the story unfold 

Humans have been telling stories since the dawn of time. Film and video have been used to amplify and spread those tales across the world, again largely thanks to Social Media.

Good video content marketing tells a story while also getting across a brand message and compelling the audience to take action. Great video content marketing does all that and makes an emotional connection with viewers.  

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As you can imagine, there’s quite an art to getting all that right, so here are a few things to keep in mind: 

A video marketing narrative 

All video types, from product introductions to customer testimonials, have a narrative at their heart. 

Brands that try to sidestep or ignore this key element of their video content will probably find it won’t contribute much to their marketing strategy. Why? Because there’s nothing for the audience to connect to. 

Take the time to formulate the three crucial elements that make up a video ad’s narrative: 

  • plot: the structure of your story
  • people: the characters in your story
  • place: the story’s setting 

Talk to as many people as you can within your company to get the maximum number of ideas for your narrative. 

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Filter out the best concepts, ones that are most likely to resonate with your customers, and then you can move onto the next phase. 

Where’s the hook?

Like every Taylor Swift song, great video ads have a hook: something that captures the viewers’ attention quickly and hangs on to it for as long as possible. 

It can be anything: a fascinating fact; a joke; a question; a original or surprising image. Whatever you use, it must grab your audience within the first five seconds of your video content starting.

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Video audiences are in a hurry: 90% will watch the first 10 seconds of a video but only half will still be there at the one-minute mark. 

That gives your video content marketing strategy a very short window of opportunity to get your message across. 

Make accessibility part of your video content marketing strategy

According to The World Bank, one billion people, or around 15% of the world’s population, have some form of disability. 

Although responsive web design is making the internet more accessible for this community, 71% of disabled people will leave a site that can’t accommodate them. 

As we said earlier, the disabled population has a potential £274 billion in spending power, and who can afford to turn off almost three-quarters of potential customers from one part of the population? Plus, this is simply the decent thing to do. 

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Creating an accessible video content marketing strategy is easier than many people think, and goes beyond simply adding subtitles. Let’s take a closer look:  


We’re going to start with some eye-opening statistics. Did you know captions increase video ad view time by 12%? 

On Facebook, 85% of videos are watched without sound, but 80% of users react negatively when video ads autoplay with sound but don’t include any captions.

We think this one is the sucker punch for many video content marketing strategies: 41% of videos are unclear without sound or captions. So, the argument to include them is fairly obvious. But what are captions? 

They represent text versions of voice-overs, dialogue and other audio content in video content, and there are two different types:   

Closed captions 

These are not a part of the video and are usually added by viewers as a separate file. They can also be turned on or off, depending on the viewer’s requirements. Online videos typically have closed captions.

Open captions 

These are embedded directly into an online video with no option to turn them on or off. They’re often found on Social Media videos, where captions appear as users scroll through their feed.

Captions don’t just help the hearing impaired audience access and appreciate your video content. 

There are lots of people who work in very noisy or very quiet environments, making it very difficult or impossible to hear a video’s sound. Captions ensure your video content marketing strategy reaches them. 

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Video transcripts

As with captions, video transcripts provide text versions of the audio on video content, but they also go a step further by describing key visual information as well. 

For blind visitors using screen readers, or someone who doesn’t understand the video’s source language, they are invaluable. 

Transcripts also serve a secondary purpose beyond inclusivity: they enable internet users to understand the video content if technical issues prevent them from playing it. 

They also allow users who don’t have time to watch it all to quickly skim through and find relevant data.

Brands should provide a link to transcripts on their website, offering them as a viable alternative to video content. There are two forms of transcripts: static transcripts, which appear in plain text or interactive transcripts. 

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Interactive transcripts highlight words as they are spoken in the video, enabling viewers to follow the action. Plus, viewers who click on any word in the transcript will be taken to that point in the video clip.

Audio description 

Audio description is a spoken description of key elements in the video ad, including facial expressions and character movement, providing all the information essential to understanding a video’s plot. 

This feature is aimed at blind and low vision viewers, giving them added context and enhancing their experience. 

It can also be useful for people who are busy doing something practical and can only listen to a video’s sound. Audio descriptions can be added to video content in two ways: 

Direct embedding

Audio descriptions can be added during longer pauses in the dialogue. You can also embed them directly into the video, or add audio tracks that can be turned on or off by the viewer.

Create a separate video 

If you can’t make the audio description fit in with your video, you can make an alternate version that includes longer dialogue pauses to create space for audio descriptions.

Don’t forget that call to action 

We’ve already touched on why you should include CTAs in your video content marketing, but did you know there are several different types of call to action? 

They are directly connected to the overarching goal of your video content marketing strategy, so it matters which type you use in your video ads. 

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Ideal for video content marketing campaigns aiming to boost brand awareness, these are great for enticing your audience to look for or get extra information. For example:

  • See more
  • Explore
  • Show me how
  • Start watching

Lead generation

Brands looking to collect data on their user base for subsequent email or video marketing campaigns should deploy these effective CTAs:

  • Register/Apply now
  • Try X for free
  • Book today


These are among the most commonly used and direct forms of CTA and focus primarily on driving sales. They instill a sense of urgency, encouraging consumers to make a purchase or take action:

  • Shop now
  • Add to cart
  • Don’t miss out!
  • Sign-up

Other CTAs

You can use other calls to action too, depending on what action you’re trying to persuade the viewer to take. Whether it’s urging them to enter a competition or participate in a free trial, fill out a form or watch another video. 

CTAs enabling potential customers to ask a question are a great way to directly engage with viewers and receive valuable feedback. 

How our video content will boost your marketing 

We are a small, independent production company that specialises in creative corporate video production, with over 10 years of experience.

We’re experts in scripting, planning and producing live action, animation videos and motion graphics for brands and agencies in the finance, tech, property and professional services sectors. 

Corporate video can come across as generic and a little predictable. That’s why we grab the chance to reimagine and inject creativity into every project: pushing each brief to reach its potential, maximising opportunities for every client. 

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Our founder, Nick Coombes is a big fan of short-form video content. He relishes the challenge of evoking an emotional response or getting a message across several marketing channels in a short time frame. 

“Working on a big flagship video is great, but the constraints of social content can result in some really creative ideas,” he recently enthused. 

At Bouche Media, we’re constantly absorbing new ideas to bring a fresh approach. We’re agile and responsive, aiming to build long-lasting relationships by offering a friendly and honest service. 

Our team is always learning, whether through training courses or by attending industry and cultural events. But, we do more than simply create sparkling branded video content… 

Tailored video strategy support 

Some corporate firms don’t think too much about their marketing videos beyond sticking to the budget and fulfilling the brief. 

In fact, many see the act of posting a video to their website or preferred Social Media platforms as the successful culmination of their marketing strategy.   

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Yet as we’ve gone to great lengths to establish in this blog, video is such a crucial channel. There’s a lot to be gained from paying closer attention to the strategy behind your short videos, before and after they are produced. 

By working with us, we can examine every aspect of your video strategy, making sure it does far more than come in on time and on budget. 

Before filming, we can ensure you:

  • Understand the value and worth of video content 
  • Plan and design a video that will engage your audience.
  • Know how to recycle assets and prolong your videos’ shelf life 
  • Have all the tools and knowledge to keep stakeholders happy

After the project’s wrapped, we will: 

  • Support you to ensure your content is distributed effectively
  • Help you demystify the data your videos are creating
  • Ensure your content works as hard as it should 

The support doesn’t end there, either. Our strategic review and planning services will help brands get the most from their videos and maximise their results. Let’s take a deeper dive. 

A comprehensive video content audit

Many companies create video after video, building up what – at first glance – can be an impressive filmography. We can make that catalogue of content work harder for your business. 

Our team will carry out an in-depth review of your videos, showcasing what works and what your firm does well. The comprehensive audit will take in everything: from YouTube playlists to your website and posts across all social channels.

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The review will spotlight areas of potential opportunity, providing new creative opportunities, as well as sensible short and long-term recommendations. 

Any practical steps to move forward will be based on your firm’s existing capacity and budget, and we will absolutely point out any quick wins.

Competitor content review and positioning

The bright lights of Hollywood and the corporate world may appear to be light years apart, but they’re both hugely competitive and potentially incredibly lucrative. 

Everyone’s looking for the next blockbuster, the next viral video. So how do your brand videos stack up against your competitors? They may look great but do they generate as many leads? 

Are they more engaging? Do they successfully move customers further down the marketing funnel? Are they cutting through the rest of the noise on the internet to reach your ideal audience?

Again, we can help you stand out from the crowd in all the right ways. 

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Our team will appraise your main competitors and identify how you can differentiate your videos. We’ll also explore the styles, formats and distribution that will boost your exposure, and make sure your brand translates well to video.

Fundamentally, we’ll showcase what you do well and give you tips on how you can do better. 

Strategy support and planning

Some companies don’t look at the bigger picture when they settle down to write their video content brief. We think that’s a missed opportunity. 

It’s always worth looking ahead to examine how video content can support your wider marketing and communications strategies. Our comprehensive video strategy report covers several aspects, including:  

  • Campaign planning: including channel and timeline priorities, frequency recommendations  and suggested messaging
  • Where video can be most effective in supporting your brand’s activities 
  • ROI for your assets, such as creating versatile social assets from existing content
  • Measuring success, including objective and benchmark-setting and progress reports

Sign up for our 60-minute workshop

Taking your first steps into video content marketing can be a thrilling but overwhelming experience. 

Not every start-up has a firm idea of what they want from their video ads, and how much return it will bring for their investment. 

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Companies at the earliest stage of development can be understandably nervous about committing to a strategy that may not pay off.   

We’re here to help. For one hour of your time, our strategic workshop will coach and guide you through the role your video plays in your campaigns and strategy. 

It will also clarify how to use video as an effective and efficient part of your marketing strategy, as well as maximising even the smallest video budget.

Why work with us? 

We may be a small, independent video production company but we punch above our weight when it comes to why you should work with us. 

We are creative

As fans of indie cinema we’re constantly inspired to do things differently and bring that desire for freshness to the table. From initial concept to finished content, our ideas and experience are always accessible.

It’s always a thrill to help clients see how they can get more than they expected from their video ads, making what is already a collaborative process even more enjoyable. 

Whether it’s filming for an art gallery, or a client’s new brand launch or creating an Eighties-style title sequence for a bank, we’ll ensure your message is engaging, your people sound great and your event looks amazing.

We are professional

Passionate, smart and experienced we may be, but we’re also great listeners. We have collaborated on projects with several major corporations and always strike the right balance between being helpful and being discreet.  

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Our team is made up of friendly and honest people who truly enjoy what they do.

We produce quality video every time 

We’re our own worst critics when it comes to the quality of our videos. Our high standards apply to every area of the business: from proposals and equipment right through to editing techniques.   

That commitment has paid off: we’re proud to say our clients consistently rate us for the quality of our work and many of them come back to us again and again. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received: 

“Bouche really understood the brief and created concepts that exactly captured the message and tone we wanted to communicate. We were delighted with the final product and the impact it has had on our marketing.” Heather Trevenna, director of marketing operations, Quadrotech. 

“It’s been a real joy to work with Nick. With his quiet and unflappable professionalism, he provides sound advice and delivers high quality video content. We are very pleased with the results.” Charles Stewart- Smith, director, Teneo Blue Rubicon.

Let us help you connect with your audience

Whether you’re a bootstrapping start-up on the cusp of a product launch, or an established corporation looking to shake up your video marketing strategy, we can help.

Our expert team will bring all their creativity and experience to bear on every project. We can make sure your video content looks and sounds amazing, gets your brand message across, is inclusive and stays on budget. 

We’ll also help engage your ideal audience by supporting you to maximise your distribution strategy before a frame of film has been shot. 

Our skilled team can also help you identify the best metrics to measure the success of your video marketing campaign, so the next one is even better. 

Contact us to get started

If you’re ready to work with us and create amazing corporate video content, drop us a line today. You can email us on or call 0203 6373597. 

Alternatively, you can fill in this contact form and we’ll get back to you straight away.