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What if you could only make video?

What if every piece of marketing or communications you put out had to be video? 

How would this make you think differently about all the different requirements you have and how you use video?

Could you become a ‘video first’ company?

A new way of thinking

The idea of thinking like this is to demonstrate how many different ways video can be used. Video is so versatile and the opportunities are endless. ‘Video’ is such a broad format and includes so much more than cameras and animation. 

To most of us ‘video’ now means any moving pictures we watch on any device. This can cover Gifs, animations, motion graphics, live action/film, Zoom recordings, photo essays – and then think of all the variations of these you see on Social Media. 

The point is that video is such a broad term that you can probably create every piece of information you want to communicate as a form of video. 

A press release could be a talking head or animated text (along with a transcript to keep things orthodox), a report could be an explainer animation and a product or service introduction could be made with motion graphics

Creative video wall montage

Let’s be realistic

This doesn’t mean that it would be a good idea to exclusively produce videos for your marketing and content strategy. Video works best when it’s not overloaded with information. It’s there to inform, entertain and inspire. There are certain subjects where the written word is more suitable and appropriate (and a better option). But adopting a ‘video first’ approach to everything you do will help you see how video could help you with some of your challenges, give you a lot of new assets to share and change how you use video.

Person on a laptop editing a video surrounded by video equipment


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