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Webinar: Video in 2022 – What should you be doing?

Video is one of the most important tools in your marketing and communications strategy and now more than ever you need your video to engage and inspire your audience. In our busy and tiring hybrid world, how can you make the most of your resources and create content that cuts through the noise?


In this webinar, we covered a range of topics including:

  • Creating great videos – our top tips for getting the basics right
  • Choosing the right format, style and duration
  • Advice on remote production and working within a budget
  • Distribution ideas – how to get the most out of your video
  • Content ideas, trending topics and 2022 predictions


View the full webinar recording here.


Our panellists

Our Founder Nick was joined by the following two experts: 

Sally Day, Director, Saltoria Marketing

Saltoria is a small marketing agency with a determination for original and measurable campaigns. Sally has 15 years of marketing experience and works with a variety of clients to maximise their use of video, ensuring it brings both return on investment and return on effort. 

Tom Lambregts, Marketing Manage, Myo

Myo create stylish, premium office spaces in central London. Tom has 20 years of experience in a variety of diverse marketing roles and recently worked with Bouche to create a series of captivating videos. Tom loves using video to bring his campaigns to life and to support and showcase the originality of Myo.


View the full webinar recording here.


Alongside Nick, our panellists covered a wide range of topics and shared some great insights. There were a lot of fantastic tips throughout the session. 


Nick’s top tips

  • Nick reminded us to plan ahead as much as possible. He encouraged us to think about what video can help with in terms of all your marketing activities. Planning will also help you get better buy-in from stakeholders and help you be better prepared in terms of budget.
  • Nick then discussed how to maximise the opportunity you have with video. Make sure that everyone sees your content. Make sure you have a distribution plan and you create many sub-assets to make the most out of your video. You can get 10-20 pieces from one piece alone if you have the right plan.
  • Finally, Nick highlighted how we all need to realise what video means now. In terms of the variety of formats e.g gifs, through to VR and podcasts. There’s such a variety. Be open-minded about the diverse range of formats and how you can use these assets to your advantage (and reach your objectives). 


Tom’s top tips

  • Tom talked about video itself being an ‘ongoing project’. Video is a resource to be used internally and externally. One video can be used for so many different purposes and objectives. Think of video in the same way that you view your website. It’s a constant work in progress. 
  • Tom discussed the importance of accessibility for inclusiveness and to be welcoming for everyone. The typical user behaviour has changed a lot recently and people often prefer viewing videos with the sound off and rely on subtitles. So, always remember to include subtitles! 
  • Tom highlighted how from a planning perspective you should always have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve as a result of the video being released. What does success look like?


Sally’s top tips

  • Sally discussed the importance of focusing on ROE (return on effort) as well as ROI (money & time are both equally important & valuable). Get the most out of your content!
  • Sally also reminded everyone to focus on a solid distribution plan (e.g. social media, networking, website, internal comms, email comms, on paid social adverts
    + using them when relationship building). 
  • Sally highlighted the importance of using your video to its maximum potential. Make sure you are repurposing AND recycling your content. Use smaller snippets to add variety to your campaigns and social feeds. Recycle them in different ways e.g. using them in blogs/webinars etc. 


Further highlights

The group also discussed the importance of storytelling, showing rather than telling through your content and using it to showcase how you are different. 

They also mentioned how you should always remember to focus on setting objectives. It’s important to consider how it fits into your wider content marketing strategy. 

Another key top tip is to always have a clear and prominent call-to-action per video. 

Finally, Tom and Sally encouraged the audience to collaborate with their agency. Don’t be scared to make it a two way process rather than you telling them what to do. Your agency has learnt from their experiences with other clients. Make the most of it!

For those of you that attended the session, we hope you enjoyed the insights and had some fresh ideas as a result of taking part. Watch this space for more webinars coming soon!

View the full webinar recording here.