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Video in 2022: What to look out for

How will the video landscape evolve in 2022? Video content can take time to plan, produce and distribute. It’s important that you’re creating content that works for you, your objectives and your audience. Arguably, video is the most essential tool in giving you and your brand an opportunity to persuade, engage and create action with your customers. 

Consumers now watch an average of 18 hours of video content per week. This is an increase of 2 hours per week from 12 months ago and an increase of 7.5 hours per week across the past 3 years (stats taken from Yyzowl’s recent video marketing report). Are you surprised by this?

Not only has video consumption vastly changed over the past few years, but video itself has transformed significantly and will keep evolving and surprising us in 2022. Here’s our round-up of what to look out for this year…

More video on LinkedIn

You’ll see more video on Linkedin in 2022. We predict that individuals will make use of new features like the ‘Creator Mode’, which gives your profile a 30-second intro clip to enhance your page. This also means you and your staff can build more influence with authentic content. So the need for your brand to translate to video is even more important than ever.

This great article from Social Media Examiner gives you some handy tips about LinkedIn Creator Mode.

Phone with some stationary - the phone has the LinkedIn logo on it

Authenticity and personality are still powerful 

As the volume of video content people watch explodes, the more genuine and original your content can be the more it will resonate. Not every campaign needs footage of your kitchen or you struggling to get the right words out, but user-generated content still works well and has an impact.

Make content more accessible

The best kind of video content is inclusive. To be truly inclusive you need to ensure your video is accessible and welcoming for everyone. Captions and subtitles are now an integral part of all video, the platforms like it and youth audiences demand it

How can you do this effectively? This can be done in many ways, for example, subtitles can be added automatically or designed into the production (like this NatWest example). You can include full captions (subtitles) or text callouts – you just need to ensure your content can be understood with and without audio. 


Check out more details in this article from Trint: ‘Why are social media video captions so important?’.

Longer video content is okay in 2022

There’s a niche for longer content. With the popularity of shorter clips driven by social media, longer content now has a novelty value, and the platforms are noticing it (TikTok has increased its limit to 3 minutes). Add to this the growth in popularity of audio in podcasts, platforms like Clubhouse, and recordings on webinars then there’s clearly an appetite for something longer.

The use of gaming in video content 

As mentioned in our recent end of year review, gaming is now mainstream! Gone are the days where gaming was seen as uncool and anti-social. Studies have even shown that gaming helps improve mental health. We now know that gaming is having a big impact on consumer trends so we expect to see the game-style visuals and gamification in video becoming more common.

Person gaming in a dark room - playing a car racing game

What are your video predictions in 2022? 

Do you feel like you need to ‘step up your game’ and create more engaging and original content for your brand? We can help you achieve more with video. From annual plans and content reviews to identifying the opportunities video can exploit in your market. Get in touch today for a creative chat to discuss your options.

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