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The Reimaginers

We’re thrilled to publish the first episode of our series ‘The Reimaginers’, featuring social entrepreneur Charles Armstrong. We’ve produced this series to tell the stories of inspiring people who wanted to do things differently and also to help our clients see how their existing assets can be ‘reimagined.’


Bouche_ReImaginers – Charles Armstrong, The Trampery from Bouche on Vimeo.

Charles explains how he set up his first site ‘The Trampery’ in Shoreditch in 2009 and his vision to create offices that not only looked different but that would help drive social change.  Today The Trampery has created an ‘ecosystem’ of award-winning workspaces and facilities that support 500 people across east London and since opening they have supported over 1000 businesses.

With location filming not possible as we’d planned, we edited a video call with jump cuts combined with mixed media and motion graphics to create a ‘scrapbook’ style and show how using existing assets can produce a really authentic feel. We believe video production should always be exciting opportunity to rethink formats and content.

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