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The Bouche video survey – what we’ve learnt from you

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Over the past few years, the use of video has exploded and grown from being occasional to an established format for so many businesses. We wanted to know more about how marketing and communication professionals are using video, what they’re making and the success they’ve seen.

By understanding more about how video is being used we can not only create more effective content but better advise our clients (you!) on what they should be making and how to use it.

What do the results tell us?

Everyone we asked is creating videos (across film and animation) with most planning more content for this year than 2021. This shows us how video is now a permanent fixture in the marketing and communications mix.

  • Animation and motion graphics were the most-produced formats and perhaps this reflects a need for the huge variety it can create.
  • Further to this, the data suggested the need to make ever more entertaining and visually appealing content that perhaps moves closer to video games in approach. Though audiences will always respond to well-told human stories, it’s a more limited format compared to the versatility of graphics.
  • Not surprisingly ESG was the ‘special’ subject that most companies planned to produce content about – with Company Culture close behind. Perhaps this is the result of an urgent need to counter the effects of hybrid working and a disparate workforce?

Looking ahead

It is clear that video strategy (and measuring performance) is still less established. The results showed that planning often occurs at the start of or during a campaign for most respondents. Given that video can be produced quite quickly this isn’t surprising but we feel that as more video is created, the more obvious the need to plan ahead will be. As a result, there will be more benefits to being creative and focusing on the performance of content. And as more budget is devoted to video content – the need to report on its results will increase.

If you’d like to have a chat about using a more strategic approach to your video content, or just about your next project, please get in touch.

Nick Coombes, Founder/Bouche.

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