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Filming is now possible!

Government guidelines mean we can now resume location filming and once again offer our clients one of the most powerful video production formats.

For now uncomplicated pieces that require small crews like talking heads, interviews and showcasing buildings are the most feasible projects while restrictions on distancing and gatherings of people remain in place.

So how does it work and what precautions are we taking?

There are two approaches depending on the location and project. Using the example of a single-person piece to camera (talking head) filmed indoors – a remote controlled camera, lights and microphone can be set up while the subject is out of the room and then cameras controlled from another room behind closed doors.  For large indoor spaces or outside, more conventional camera setups can be used and interviews conducted at a safe distance.

All equipment is wiped down before and after the shoot, crew use hand sanitiser and all wear the appropriate PPE. Before the shoot detailed method and risk assessments are all signed off to ensure the safety and confidence of everyone involved.  Although these measures sound laborious they can be easily factored into the production process and with planning won’t affect the smooth running of the shoot.

The last few months of content production have been dominated by producing staff-generated videos, animation & motion graphics and reworking existing films (here’s our article on ‘reimagining’ your content) which has been really valuable for lots of clients to understand different ways to create content but live action filming is a really powerful medium, especially for human interest pieces. Its return gives us another option in deciding how best to tell stories and create content with impact.

If you’d like to have a chat about how using film could help your campaign please get in touch: