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Reed Midem

Raise the profile of their relaunched Mipim UK event

Live action & motion graphics

Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook.


Global Business events organiser Reed Midem asked us to create a film to help relaunch Mipim UK, the London based version of their international real-estate conference. The brief was simple: attract more delegates and feature the new venue, more flexible ticketing and the wealth of sessions and networking opportunities.

Because the event was at a new location this meant we couldn’t use much of the footage shot at the event the previous year. So we had to think differently.

Event films traditionally consist almost entirely of event footage, but do they need to? Events are about meetings, both of people and ideas. So actually they are about aspiration and progress. We realised not only might audiences want see what event looks like and who goes but they want to be inspired by the ideas they may hear, and how this will help them with their jobs. So we decided to include images of the places and topics the conference would cover.

We combined stock clips of UK cities, of green buildings, sustainable energy, innovation and online with kinetic motion graphics and messaging to create a mood of dynamic progress, positioning Mipim UK as a must-attend industry event and breathing a new energy to an established format.

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The video is a great success. Your team genuinely grasped the spirit of what we had in mind! We love the “mystery” atmosphere of the start followed by this fast chain of images, evocative words, and the graphic effects. It’s so different to normal exhibition videos. We are very happy. Bravo!

Solene Genton Senior Marketing Manager, Reed Midem