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Kaizo Agency for Isic (Institute for Scientific Information about Coffee)

Create two animations that educate a young audience about the sources and benefits of coffee

2D Animation


The agency asked us to find a style that would appeal to a young audience (18-35) while also educating the viewer with a variety of information and data. We chose ‘bricolage’, an animation technique that combines ‘cut outs’ of still photos or images with motion graphics and a voice over narration.

The way Bricolage combines ‘real life’ imagery that evokes the world of coffee (perhaps the décor of a coffee shop) with the versatility of animation meant we could keep the films grounded in reality to keep the educational aspect while including a creative, dynamic illustrative element. The everyday imagery also helps the audience make the connection between caffeine and how they consume it.

When it comes to communicating information without the need for featuring a personality, animation and motion graphics are really effective. The freedom to create any design and narrative you choose means you can appeal to a diverse audience without the constraints common with filming, which revolve around the people it features.

The films were hosted on the client’s Youtube channel and have had over 30,000 views (December 2019).

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