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HSBC Digital

Motion graphic animations and Gif

Create a series of ‘how to’ guides for customers using online and mobile banking


With the growth of their online banking, HSBC asked us to produce a series of short animations to help customers use the website. Building all the elements from scratch, we recreated the website experience with to guide customers through some of the most used features, using captions and voice over to help them along the journey.

The success of these guides led to the HSBC asking for us to produce similar videos for their mobile app,

Both these sets of videos have become so useful to HSBC’s customer support team on social media that we have now developed the guides into a series of Gifs, which show the essential steps of each journey and give the customer a fast and clear set of instructions. Demonstrating the value of motion graphics in messaging and how short form content like Gifs can have many different uses.


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