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Why motion graphics is our fastest-growing area of video production

Motion graphics, as the name suggests, are graphics that move. Although often covered by the term ‘animation’, motion graphics are used to help visualise information and explain concepts. Animation in its purest sense usually means characters with a story arc and is used to entertain. 

Thanks in large part to the worldwide success of Social Media and the boom in digital technology, motion grapics and animation are our fastest-growing areas of video production. 

Motion graphics have given everything from 2D explainer videos to five-second clips of animated text a fresh, new twist. They have been used in everything from film title sequences in cinema to corporate ads. 

Motion graphics are a key component of any business’ marketing strategy. It’s not surprising, considering 80% of visitors to a website will watch a video. 

Motion graphics are great because:

  • They help visualise often complex or dry information
  • They are extremely versatile and can be adapted to brands easily
  • They are effective at speaking to a wide audience because they don’t rely on people, so can be used for different geographies, demographics etc
  • They help bring your brand to life in a dynamic way 

Motion Graphics

A short history of creative motion graphics

The roots of graphic design and motion graphics can be traced all the way back to the early 1800s, but it was the work of German cinematographer Walter Ruttmann in the 1920s that really brought the art form to life. 

However, motion graphics as a medium really started to flourish and reach new animation heights in the 1950s and 1960s. Then, in the 1980s, when computers became commercially available, we no longer had to go to the cinema to see such art. Graphic design was forever changed and motion graphics, as well as computer animation boomed. 

Motion Graphics

This art form has gone on to reach consumers around the world with the digital age, as software packages such as Adobe and Apple Motion offer almost anyone the ability to create animated videos. 

Where you’ve seen motion design 

Motion graphics are without a doubt a fantastic tool, and have been used in a variety of ways across the entertainment and corporate fields: 

  • TV and film opening and closing credits 
  • Create advertising 
  • News (particularly elections)
  • Social media memes
  • Website design
  • Create retail experiences 

The average viewer is so used to seeing motion graphics and animation that differentiating projects has become a real challenge for some businesses. That’s where we come in. 

Our team’s expertise and imagination will ensure your motion graphics have the perfect combination of colour, text and pacing to make your content stand out from the crowd. 

Motion Graphics

Got a story to share with the world? Let us help you tell it with motion graphics. 

How can motion graphics work for me? 

Motion graphics are so flexible, so open to innovation that there are almost no limits on what can be achieved with these visual effects. 

Let’s take a quick look at several examples of how they can best be used for your business.

Tell a story

Every motion graphics video or animation, no matter what it’s for, will have a story at its core. It’s one of the key elements in advertising creation, after all. These films are made to connect with viewers. 

Motion Graphics

Whether you want to transport your audience to far-off worlds, or lay out the history behind a new suite of services, our team can help with the development of your ideas and concepts.  

From breathing new life into a much-loved brand or using the art form to lift the curtain on a new product or service, our motion graphics films and animations will take your viewers on a journey of discovery.

Overhaul your brand identify

If your business wants to set itself apart from a field that’s become more crowded in recent years, creating motion graphics films can be a fun and effective way to achieve this. 

Our team can cut together selected, carefully chosen images, animation or graphics for a film that will put a new spin on the evolution of your brand. 

Motion graphics can effectively shake up an established firm’s identity in a short film, or in an explainer video that introduces a newcomer as a breath of fresh air to users around the world. 

Motion Graphics

Raise awareness 

When it comes to transmitting a powerful message to a target audience, the simplest way is often the most effective. 

Hand-drawn animation, combined with stark or plain backgrounds and a minimal soundtrack can make more of an impact than content that is busy, colourful and noisy. 

Motion Graphics

A great example is our creation for Inception Group, part of our Reimaginers series. The black and white animation is engaging without being overwhelming, while the voiceover tells the story in a warm and human way.   

Animate a concept 

Motion graphics are a fantastic way to help break down complex ideas or concepts, and explain them in a way that doesn’t bore or baffle your target audience. 

Take this explainer animation that explains the legal term of ‘Frustration’ when a party is unable to deliver the terms of an agreement. The smooth style of the motion graphics transitions help the viewer absorb the information in the script, delivered by the narrator. 

After watching the film, the viewer is not only aware of the term and that it might be applicable to them, but they also see the client as an expert in this area. They have also been exposed to the client’s branding and tone of voice, so further enhancing recall and potentially loyalty too.   

Introduce a product 

In the early days of television advertising, showcasing a new product or service usually meant a hired actor or personality had to tell the audience all about it. 

History has moved forward and these days, technology such as motion graphics and animation software are more often called upon to do this sort of heavy lifting. The reason? They’re a much more effective tool. 

Take this animated video our team created for Virgin. It lifts the lid on a new customer loyalty programme, and packs in a lot of data to get the message across. 

Quick cuts, bright images and Virgin’s specific red brand colour make for a powerful yet engaging combination. 

What motion designers do

Creating a great ad or explainer video using motion design and/or animation software requires a talented and experienced motion graphic designer. 

Our team has produced lots of high-quality, professional work for a wide range of corporate clients, and we can create the same for you. 

But what makes great motion graphic work? Here are some key ingredients: 

Motion graphics and rhythm 

One of the most important graphic design elements, every project will be heavily influenced by several factors. 

First – what is the story behind or purpose of the motion graphic film? Second – who is it being created for? Third, what action do you want your target audience to take after watching it? 

When your motion graphic designer has the answers to those questions, just like a film director, they can use software technology to create a digital image that has an appropriate rhythm. 

A video raising awareness about an upcoming sale will aim to create a sense of excitement and tension. The motion graphics will be faster-paced and have more upbeat music than an explainer breaking down a complex idea. 

Motion Graphics

Get the rhythm of the image movement or music wrong and your ad might not hit the mark. Our experts ensure that never happens. 

Reading time 

This is a skill to using motion design software that goes beyond making a project look visually attractive. 

Knowing when the viewer has properly processed and understood what actions are taking place in a scene – known as reading time – is fundamental to a video’s success. 

Check out this digital video we created for TELLWORTH, which introduced the fund’s management and approach. It’s among our examples of videos that integrate animation with live-action to bring information to life and complement talking heads films.

Motion graphics support the concepts the speakers are explaining, reinforcing their messaging and ensuring the viewer is properly informed.   

Motion graphics that are rushed or hurried may not give your target audience enough time to absorb what your ad is trying to say. At best, your brand message gets lost. At worst, your audience is turned off. 

Motion Graphics

When creating motion graphics videos, we can read time and identify the exact moment when an action is fully completed, ensuring maximum enjoyment for and engagement with your viewers.

Abstraction in motion graphics 

Creatively, using motion graphics software for visuals and videos can be liberating because it doesn’t rely on characters or people to effectively carry your brand message. 

Like the title sequences of classic films, graphics in motion can be completely abstract, yet still do more than enough to stop your audience and compel them to watch each movement.  

Visual metaphors in motion graphics can bring even the most complex or sophisticated stories vividly to life. The abstract movement and shapes set to music can create some mesmerising elements. 

Motion Graphics

In some cases, that motion design style can even become part of a brand: just think about the elaborate motion graphics sequence used in the opening credits of HBO’s television series Game of Thrones.  

Choose Bouche for your next motion graphics project 

We are committed to delivering quality, creativity and professionalism for every client, every time. 

Whether you need a short digital animation for a social media campaign, or want us to create a series of motion graphics films to showcase your company, our team can do it all. 

We aim to develop long-lasting relationships, based on a mutual passion for creativity, quality workmanship and appetite to innovate, while always staying true to your brand. 

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