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February 2018

Today a video’s value is usually measured by social media metrics and other online platforms. Likes, views and plays are the universal barometers of success but what’s the key to achieving them? Choosing the right channels, metadata and publishing strategy are obviously all vital to get people watching but the quality of the content itself remains the biggest key to a video victory.

Creating good video needs a talented production team but equally they need good material to work with – in commercial video this all starts with the brief and no project, however small, should start without one. The quality of the information the client provides to the content creators establishes the foundations of the project.

Making valuable video starts with the client.

A thorough brief will explain the challenge the client is facing. It should cover the type and size of audience they’re trying to engage and the environment the content will be used in. The production team needs to know what message they need to tell to whom, what the audience knows already, how they feel about the issue, how they’ll watch the content and what the client wants them to do after seeing the film.

These seemingly minor issues have a huge influence on how the production team decides to present the message, tell the story and use their skills to make content that has the right impact. Unless the client can clearly set the scene and their objectives, there’s a strong chance the production company will produce something that falls short or have to spend more time researching the issue themselves – either outcome means more expense for the client. So the next time you contact a production company about a new project, when it comes to the brief – give them all you have.