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2021 Review

By Nick Coombes, Executive Producer

Welcome to Bouche Media’s annual review. It’s been a transformative year for video, which has become an even more powerful and significant asset for businesses throughout the pandemic. Audiences are viewing more videos than ever but we still need to engage with our colleagues and customers remotely and internationally – and to keep them energised, entertained and inspired. 

We’re excited about the year ahead and relishing the challenges of creating content in the not-so-new normal.

Here are our top 5 learnings from 2021…

1. Vary your content 

Embrace the mix of video formats now available. Now more than ever you have more choice for style and budgets. From using Zoom call recordings to animated content to combining audio voice notes with still images.  

2. Prioritise accessibility for the new hybrid world

Adapting to hybrid working means being flexible and format-agnostic e.g. with video call recordings; what you lose in picture quality you gain in accessibility to be able to reach people wherever they are.

3. Being a good storyteller is more important than ever

People want to be taken on a journey. They want a satisfying beginning, middle and end. The concept is so often more crucial to a project than the camera quality or animator. Storyline and writing skills are now more important than ever. 

4. Events are still a big part of colleague and customer engagement

Events didn’t die, they just became more complicated and now offer more opportunities for video. Video has a bigger role to play than ever, whether it’s pre-presentation mood films, live broadcasting to user platforms, location interviews or wrap montages – they can all play a part.

5. Video gaming is influencing mainstream video content

The popularity of gaming is having a big impact on consumer trends and as its image becomes less negative, we expect to see the game-style visuals and gamification in video becoming more common.



On top of our annual review, here are our 3 recommendations for 2022: 

  1. Variety helps engagement. Make sure you use a mix of formats, durations and styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new. 
  2. Authenticity is key. Many customers are becoming a lot savvier to marketing and are tired of being sold to. Customers appreciate honesty, character and imperfections. Being human is relatable. 
  3. Have a plan for your video content. However big or small your plans are for the new year it’s worth having a strategy for what video you’re going to make and how you’re going to use it. The further ahead you can integrate video into your plans and brief it in, the better it will be and the greater chance of it having the results you want.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our annual review. If you’d like to have a chat about anything in this review of some ideas for video in the new year please do get in touch. Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2022!


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