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Bouche Breakfast: Make it count with your employee communications

We shared this short intro mood film ahead of the event, to set the scene for the session.

For this webinar we wanted to focus on what we’ve seen as an increasingly important area of video production, that is for employee comms. Talking to some of our clients we heard that there are challenges around getting the messages through and making sure it’s seen and understood amongst the flood of other competing comms.

Looking at some best practice examples from major UK companies, and how video and applications can ensure even the driest content can be engaging with a bit of creativity, we’ll provide some inspiration and advice on how to make your communications efforts count.

The key takeaways are neatly summarised here:

  1. Make it count digitally: collaboration, connection, creativity
  2. Be focussed, listen hard and empower action, tell stories
  3. Use video for its strengths; inspire, educate, entertain

Who was this for?

Internal-focussed communications professionals and anyone interested in how to engage employees at a time when competing for attention, and ensuring company culture permeates everything, has never been so challenging.

Who was speaking?

Henry Davies – Director 106 Communications

How Covid has changed the game – and how you can make it count with the right digital tools and strategy

  • Remote and blended working is here to stay
  • Going from reacting to leading
  • The challenge to create a great employee experience in a remote and blended work
  • Why digital is more than a MS Teams call

Louise Mitchell – Director at Changing Communications

Consultant providing strategic change communication advice and implementation for organisations who are going through business-wide change programmes. With extensive first hand experience about what works in-house at major UK companies from M&S to PWC.

Nick Coombes – Founder at Bouche

Will be looking at the role video content plays in communicating with your teams, including:

  • Zooming your staff to death
  • What video is and isn’t good for
  • Creative ways to use video

To watch the webinar in full please drop me a note: