The changing tech of video

The changing tech of video

What we learned from BVE 2016

BVE is the largest video technology exhibition in the UK, opening its doors annually at Excel in London. It offers a unique opportunity to evaluate what trends and technologies we might see emerging over the next 12 months.

Previous expos have signalled the start of exciting new trends such as 3D and 4K technology, but 2016 feels more evolutionary than revolutionary. We’re already part-way through the latest technology trend of ever increasing resolution - but haven’t quite reached the next “Big Thing”.

Over the coming year, expect to see a shrinking gap in the production values attained by low to medium budget projects, due to the continued democratisation of technology. Drones, gimbals, and sliders will become prevalent on set, leading to more dynamic footage and an inevitable excess of movement.

With an ever-expanding quantity of video content saturating our everyday lives, the differences in achievable quality is now less related to accessible technology, than to the talent using that technology. Creativity beats production value every time, and now there are less and less limitations to achieving your vision. Video technology continues to develop at a breakneck pace, and at Bouche we’re excited about the creative possibilities this enables over the next year.