Getting value from video

Getting value from video

We’re increasingly asked by clients about how to get the maximum value from their videos so we’ve put together our top five of tips for video strategy..

1. Embrace social media

Social media is the most efficient and effective way to publicise your content. Host your videos on YouTube (the web’s second biggest search engine) or Vimeo and tweet the links on Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest – wherever your audience is. Don’t worry about controlling your content or bury videos by only hosting them on your website, publish them for everybody to enjoy. If YouTube is ok for Goldman Sachs, Obama and The United Nations then it should be fine for you too. Besides it will do your SEO results a world of good.

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2. Choose your format

Video now refers to a wide range of styles, from photo montages with audio commentary, animated infographics to Vine’s 6 second looped clips. With this array of choice you need to identify what suits your needs best. Interviews showcase your staff and authenticate concepts whereas motion graphics are unrivalled for explaining and presenting data. Whatever you choose keep the end product short; 60-90 seconds is ideal, a three minute video is an epic and unlikely to keep anyone watching to the end.

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3. Timing matters

Think about the timing and frequency of when you publish your content. Try and develop a regular schedule for pushing out videos, this will familiarize your audience with your releases and help you plan your content creation better. If your video is time critical (commentary on news events, or reports from trade shows etc) aim to publish the same day or the following morning. Announcing a new video a week after the event it was filmed at won’t impress many people.


4. Differentiation

Brands are always looking to distance themselves from the competition and video provides a great platform for this. Varying the format, style and frequency of content all help but one of the best ways to make your content stand out is to focus on your firm’s key asset – your staff. They’re unique to your organization and ultimately they are measure of your offering. Encourage, familiarize and train your staff to be confident in front of the camera and you’ll have all the differentiation you’ll ever need.

5. DIY works

There are times when professionally-made content is needed but videos shot on smartphones, tablets and the office camcorder also have their place in the corporate video offering. Viewers are used to user-generated videos from broadcast news reports and this content can provide a genuine, personal engagement that slick, professional content can’t match. Employees at all levels should be encouraged to experiment with producing their own material.

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