Explainers explained

Explainers explained

Explainer videos are now essential tool for every business, whether it’s introducing what your company does or how your product will change the world. But what makes a good one?

What’s the story?

Script is king. Regardless of the style or duration, the story should keep you engaged to the end. The more information the client can provide on the subject the better, via a creative brief and even attempting to write a basic script yourselves is a great start for the production team in understanding more about what you want and your audience. Remember you know your product inside out but the viewer won’t, so avoid jargon, keep details light and trust the production team to create a narrative that can be understood by anyone. The video isn’t providing all the answers, it’s taking the viewer to the next step on the customer journey.

Live action or animation?

Generally data and processes are best presented with motion graphics, which allow you to communicate information in imaginative ways without the restrictions of shot footage. Live action is the usual choice where a personality or human connection is important. But really both can work, and footage overlaid with graphics is equally effective. The main thing to consider is what format best matches objectives of the film for the available budget.

How long?

The shorter your video the greater the likelihood it will be watched until the end, so we recommend 30 seconds to 2 minutes. This may seem short but it’s surprising how much you can fit into 120 seconds. If you can't fit all your content into this duration consider splitting it up into short clips.

Two explainer videos we love:

Slack - Sandwich Video
LA-based Sandwich are the go-to for US tech startups (eg Uber, eBay, Groupon) in need of a product explainer. They combine quirky, charming storytelling with motion graphic overlays.

Awareness - The Telegraph
A thought-provoking piece on the destructive effects of money laundering, this combines still images, video and animation to create a compelling message in under 60 seconds.