Double Exposure

Double Exposure

For the latest update to our website’s homepage video we wanted to demonstrate a post- production technique rarely seen in the corporate world that was grounded in the type of content we are known for. ‘Double Exposure’  allows for one image to act as a window onto another, either complementing or contrasting each other, creating a rich montage of image and movement. 

For our subject matter we chose images associated with the styles and environments we work with: the camera, the person, the studio, and the city, all using archive footage of past projects we've made and bought stock video clips.

Our inspiration was drawn from popular TV series like HBO’s True Detective and the music video for ‘The Beautiful Ones’ by Monarchy.

It's a great way to use a mix of content, whether it's different video clips of varying quality or style,  or combining video with still photographs to make an engaging, slightly abstract sequence probably best suited to longer features with voice over narration.

Image from HBO's 'True Detective' Series 1 opening titles

Image from HBO's 'True Detective' Series 2 opening titles